Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Yummy yummy Thrifty Soup... and Mittens

Hello there ....
just a quick catch up ...
 and to share this wonderful thrifty soup.

 I saw Weaver  (at   had made this wonderfully yummy Cream of Onion Soup.

I have a few onions (remember I bought a huge bargain bag of them the other week) ... so I gave it a go ....and its lovely.

Lightly soften a heap of onions in some butter
In a large pan put onions and a large chopped potato
add a pint of stock (veg stock cube)
simmer for 20 minutes ....add about a pint of milk ...simmer a bit longer on a very low heat (till everything is soft basically).
I added a tablespoon of flour to thicken ...some salt and pepper
and blitzed it with the blender.

Fabulous ... I had it for tea with slabs of homemade bread and lashings of butter..     

 I made Hubby P his promised Bacon and Egg Pie ... a Girl has to keep her promises. 
 I made two and put one in the freezer.

Should be plenty left for lunches at work tomorrow ... mind you I haven't been and checked in the kitchen yet ...if he's had the munchies it will have to be jam butties!

Labour of love these past few nights... 

Will our youngest son works and lives far away 'down south' with his beloved... we miss them...
 and of course they keep up with our doings via the blog.
He had seen the pic's of fingerless mittens I had crocheted for myself and asked for a snazzy pair for himself....

So of course ... the only stipulation was that they weren't a girly colour... just hope these aren't too boring a colour...and don't mention to him the obvious 
....I ran out of the red wool.....oops  

Must go to bed ... take care x