Monday, 26 April 2010

New Life Amongst The Allsorts Doings!

Hello folks!
Hope you all had a good weekend - we had a nice couple of days.
Saturday evening saw our little community coming together to witness new life emerging in the field just across from our cottage.

One of the children had seen 'something sticking out of the horse' - Stuart (next door - all round 'good egg sort'a guy) rang the horses owner and he came along to see all was well. Good job he did - she struggled a little, and he had to give a helping hand.
By this time we - as in the neighbours from our little huddle of houses and anyone and everyone passing by, were standing in a an encouraging huddle Oohing and Haring - and willing mum and baby on - riveting Saturday night stuff!

All was well and baby was/is a girl - a little mare, with the most amazingly long legs!

Eventually she managed to get on her feet and we all gave a collective Cheer!

Just a pretty picture of the old windmill in the same field as the horses.
Photo's By Stuart (good egg) Kirkham!!

Not a lot of Treasure to be found at the carboot - but it was nice to have a mooch about.

I did manage to pick up this little house - very shabby, but with a certain charm - maybe someone will take a liking to it.

Its only small, and rather 'basic', I've fastened it to the trellis 'along the street' from the other houses. We thought this was rather more 'affordable - a starter home - ideal for youngsters wanting to get on the property ladder' kinda housing!
Rooting around in an old box at the carboot - something that I must say I do, do rather well - I came across an old paper bag. now paper bags always excite me - for one thing nowadays no one ever gives you paper bags, they are just not used - so my reasoning is - anything in a paper bag must be old and therefore interesting (at least a little interesting anyway - worth a look!)
This bag was full of oddments of vintage-y fabric. Someone had made something and saved all the offcuts and stored them safely in the bag for future projects - a nice thrifty sort of woman no doubt - wonder what she made?
Anyway nice pretty bits of fabric to be used on some project or other - it cost me pennies.

You can see on the bag the 'New Development' in the Geoffrey Fan club, Hubby P desperately wanted a Geoffrey Badge - and it was mooted that it would be nice to have a Fanzine - but that would be just too much work for me (I'm no journalist) and anyway- I pointed out to him - people have Facebook page nowadays!
Anyway - just to keep him happy I made him a badge - we haven't yet had feedback from the Geoffrey's on the Badge - I just hope its to their liking and they don't feel their personal life/space is being compromised - or indeed exploited in some way.

Not to disappoint Hubby P I gave him the choice of two - very similar badges - but slightly different colours. He has made his choice - and wears it with pride.

Sssoooooooooo that leaves the other badge without a Geoffrey Fan to wear it!

How do you fancy a Geoffrey Giveaway?
Leave me a little comment - something I can discuss/relate with the Geoffrey's - they always like feedback, and I will put your names in a hat - draw the names next Monday.

xxx Take care for now - bedtime for me! xxxx