Friday, 28 January 2011

Todays Little Thrills!

Just had to share today's thrilling discovery.... seeds are up!
I was thrilled....Spring has got to be on its way. I just have to nurture these babies...grow them on so they will be nice and big and strong....all ready to be planted out.
Tiny things I know... but they give me a big know what they say about 'Small things amusing small minds!!

And how about these... I think they are just so cute, came in the post this morning. I bought them to add to the sewing bits and bobs I sell in the Emporium. I have lots of ladies into all sorts of crafts, and they are always looking for something new.... a bit different. Of course I shall just have to keep one or two for myself.

And last of all Curtains!

How delightful is this.....bright and bold, glistening gold in the sunshine!
A friendly older Gentleman of the Church gave me a bag full of this sort is very grand, super fancy ....intended as net curtaining...sort of...I think

Its very beautiful anyway.... there are a few different sorts, and he intended that I sell it on rather than it sit in a cupboard, so I shall sell some on ebay....but of course some will be stashed so that I can admire it now and again!
xx Take care xx