Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Closest Companions!!!

Oh Poorly Me!
Yes! I have been struck down by this awful virus thing! - these have indeed been my closest companions!
I wouldn't dream of drinking whisky in a social sense - (Brandy, Gin, Sherry or whatever - indeed - bring it on, but I'm not a Whisky drinker!) But as soon as I feel flu-ey I reach for the whisky, honey and lemon - hot toddies. They seem to work or me - either that or I am too 'tiddly' to much care!
So sorry for my absence - just haven't been up to it - think I am on the mend now.
I put my coat on and had a wander in the garden today - how things are coming on!

The front of the cottage is looking a bit brighter with the cheery daffodils.

Even one or two tulips are beginning to show themselves.

I just love these tiny dainty little daffs - you can almost see the little fairies dancing amongst them!

Even the newly emerged rhubarb looked quietly stunning, showing off its bright scarlet stems!

I have had lots of time to sit - huddled over a hot toddy! watching the birds.
This one's a cheeky monkey, well - Starling really. He pinches all the little ones feed if we don't watch him!

We call this little one Hector - its a long story!
He seems to be more or less a permanent guest.

These little Long Tailed Tits flew in the other day - they remain in family groups, there are 6 of them, but of course trying to get a photo of all six on the feeder - neigh on impossible! Although Hubby P did try - he has so much more patience than me!
Time for another hot toddy! Bye for now xxxx