Friday, 13 February 2015

Just Peg Bags Today ...

 Hello  there ...
How has your week been ?

Bit of a quiet one here .. work .. as usual ...
 but all rather quiet.

A 'sorting out stock' kinda week ...
I've been going through boxes and suitcases  .. tidying .. and 'moving on' (into the dustbin ) stock that has had its day .. not sold .. become damaged .. 
or simple just out of favour.
Even in the world of antique and vintage there are fads and fancies .. nowadays .. often dictated by the media .. 
Kirsty on the telly .. and whatnot.
And we just have not the space to hold 'dead stock' .. 
until it becomes fashionable again .. most things we move on .. usually its just odds and sods we dispose of so its not too bad.

Anyway .... I promised you Peg Bags ..

Whilst sorting through the linen stock I found some little orphan doilies .. odds and sods .. bits and bats .. 
once part of a set that graced a lady's dressing table .. 

Someone spent many hours .. needle in hand ..
 embroidering these. 
I hate the idea of just throwing them in the dustbin... so I brought a handful home to titivate up some Peg Bags.

As you know its all very 'Make Do and Mend' .. use what you have  .. in this household.
So I cut a rough pattern .. using the brown paper from some old big brown envelopes .. a simple pattern ..
front and back.
And cut two of each (front and back) from some pretty .. again ...
odd unwanted.. unloved pillowslips..

I found some old single wooden coat hangers and Hubby P kindly worked his magic ... 
well .. nothing too magical about it really .. 
he simply sawed the ends off .. so they would fit inside the 'shoulders' of the peg bags...
(anyone with a likely looking saw could manage it ... but don't tell him .. I let him think he has a major role in the peg bag industry).

As you can see .. I used the doilies to brighten up the fronts .. simply attach the doily to a 'front' before making up the bag then tart up..
 or rather 'embelish' the design with vintage buttons .. and a ribbon-y bow.
This one seems a little too plain so I embroidered 'wash day' .. just to brighten that corner really.

I'm hoping they sell .. come the warmer weather .. 
I'm so looking forward to pegging my washing on the line to dry.

Mothering Sunday is coming up too .. 
I thought about selling them for £8 each .. 
do you think that is a fair price? .. I really get a bit lost with pricing when it comes to handcrafted things.
If nothing else they will be something different to put out on the stall .. make a show with some vintage aprons and table linen .. I find I have to keep ringing the changes .. keep the stall looking fresh .. otherwise customers think its just the same old stock and walk straight past.

Oops Sorry .. I've lapsed into work stuff again .. and I was just trying to do a crafty post ..
I did enjoy making the little bags .. it 'took me out of myself' as they say!

I really must try and make more time for crafting .. tis good for me..!

Anyway enough waffle .. do take care ..
Bye for now x