Thursday, 19 December 2013

Floor Finished .. and Cards Up ...

Hello there ....
just a few pic's of the finished floor .... some of you asked.

We worked like crazy today getting all finished and the furniture back in.

 All is peace and calm ... and I've enjoyed a little candlelight.

 Hubby P worked his little socks off sealing the slate tiles with linseed oil and then polishing them ... it was a bit smelly (the linseed oil) .. but the smell has gone now.

 You can see how the oil brings up all the colours and patterns in the slate.

 Whilst we were at it I had a good sort through the bookshelves ... I'm sure they breed .. where do they all come from?
Anyway we have a boxful to go to the car boot .. and all the 'keepers' are neatly stacked (and dusted).

The other day I bought a nice mixed bunch of holly, bay and other greenery ... from some friends at the car boot ...
I made a simple arrangement just to sit on the side. 
This is as close as I will get to a Christmas tree ... just a simple bit of greenery... pretty.

 In the midst of all this Hubby P kindly lugged all the geodes into the bathroom and gave them a good wash in the shower .... being all tiny crystals they don't half attract and hold the dust ... I've found a shower is the best way to clean them.

 I had a nice time playing about with them ... rearranging them.

 The flooring looks a bit dark in the photo .. 
the dark grey does show off my pink silk rug .... I got this rug the other week .. its a bit used .. a bit loved .. and perhaps a bit faded .. bit like me ....
But I love this rug.

Even the old mule chest got a good polishing ... Hubby P on a mission with the polishing cloth.
He knows I treasure this mule chest ... its been in the family for 60 odd years and has a real tale to tell ...
but that's for another day.