Friday, 28 March 2008

And Now Its Raining - Again!!

The day started wonderfully well! I received this beautifully wrapped gift from Twiggypeasticks! Almost too pretty to open! So exciting! And a lollipop too!
Carefully opened, the goodies revealed! A sweet little cushion with little heart shaped trim - I shall use it as a pin cushion, so that I can keep it on my sewing table to remind me of sweet friends. And of course to the 'button addict'- the buttons were to swoon over!
Thank you so much Twiggy -You Made My Day!

Look how sweet my little cushion looks on my sewing table!

I thought you might like to see my latest little find - I don't expect you to be too thrilled if you are not a sewing fiend! But if you are you can imagine my delight in finding this felt (50p/piece) in such vibrant, pretty colours - I nearly snatched the ladies hand off!
Of course Hubby makes the usual remark of 'What are you going to do with all that?' - silly question! Must be something wonderful to make from it, just like the hoards of other materials I have - stacked everywhere!

I had seen a nice painting on Etsy of Toadstools - No - I resisted buying it! Anyway the toadstools were in similar colours to my felt, so I thought I would have a go at Toadstools - this is the panel sort of half done, I thought I would add some simple embroidery to jazz it up a bit.

I will have to do something with the panel - not sure yet - maybe a small cushion or a little bag - Will keep you posted. Felt is so easy - it doesn't fray!

I started yesterday painting the conservatory (with wood preservative stuff) - it was so warm yesterday the stain stuff was steaming as I put it on the wood! - I had to wear my sun specks! So I got up today all Gung Ho -ready to gloss the window frames - and of course we are back to winter and lashings of rain! I have done a bit - between the showers - I know I shouldn't in the rain, but I do so want to get it out the way then I can play in the garden (I've spent sooo much on plants and summer bulbs (Ebay - you can buy anything!), I dare not tell how much - its a bit embarrassing! - My One Weakness!

Yes! I painted around the pots - typically female thing to do! Who has time to fiddle about taking things down, no one can see behind!

Even Uncas the dog is fed up with the rain!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Flowers and Friperies from the Home Front

These delightful little flowers always cheer my garden at this time of year, they come as the
Daffs are fading, but before the Forget-me-nots and Tulips!
They are Welsh Three Cornered Leeks - initially I had them in my herb garden, but as with the
way of things, they have spread throughout the garden!

As you can see they are a very fresh pretty white bell shape, bit like a Bluebell. They can be used as are chives, but they have a more Leek-y taste, just a few in a salad is nice.

As you can see they they don't grow very tall - ideal as a edging to herb beds and whatnot. They grow like wildfire, from the smallest cutting - they come from small bulbs.
If anyone would like a little slip/cutting (a little bit of Wales) just email me with your address and I will put you a slip in the post - they should travel ok.
I do like to have a bit of the unusual in my garden ~ a challenge to see if it will grow!

I thought I would introduce you to Clara (Clara Bow), I made her from an old dressmakers
dummy, binding her with old cotton sheeting, and covering her with scraps of vintage fabric.
I wanted a 'proper' display dummy - but just hadn't the money for the ones I liked, so in good
old Blue Peter style! - I made my own!

She even has a Vintage Fur stole to keep her warm - the Fur was my Mothers (when it was PC to have such things) I remember when I was very young, my Godfather bringing this Fur from New York! I remember thinking it was a wonderful thing - that he must be very rich!
Of course Mother had little opportunity to wear it ( her not being a fashionable starlet! - just an ordinary hardworking Mother of three!) so it stayed wrapped up in the back of the cupboard!
At least now it gets an airing, and looks the part along with my other treasures!

I started taking these photos to get some good shots of recently found goodies to put on Ebay - its so easy to get carried away!
This little vintage outfit I found on Sunday - Its What? Flower power meets Gypsy? I thought it very pretty - very tiny size 10 ( I should think I could just about get one leg in it!). Hopefully it will delight someone and find a new home.
It upsets me to think a lot of the Carbooters - especially the House clearance people just put what has not sold in the rubbish skip! Needless to say this is why I end up with so much stuff!

This is a pretty enough Apron, but what interested me was its larger size! Being bigger I am always on the lookout for larger things - just because we are bigger doesn't mean we don't like pretty things!

Again a pretty Apron, reminds me of what Grannie use to wear. I liked the Blue - often flowery
/Rosy prints are all pink in colour.

This is quite Retro - a bit different, I have had this for a while, but I have that many I have to let some go every now and again!

This seemed a bit French Cafe to me!
Have a Good Day!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Award ~ Technology mastered at last!

At last! I have managed the technology - to put the Award up here on my very own Blog! The Award being an Art Y Pico award given by Twigy at thanks for that, I am so thrilled! So, to paraphrase the info on Twiggys blog - hope you don't mind hun......
The definition of "Arte y Pico" (Art & More) is an award that is given to bloggers who share their art and creativity making their contribution to the blogger world.
Now I have to :
1)Pass it on to 5 more bloggers who deserve this award for creativity, design and interesting materials as well as their contribution to blogland.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5) To show these rules.

And my award winners are....

Sea Angels

Sykes silly site

Alice the Pixie Alien

Nostalgia at the Stone house

Lucy Locket Recycled her Pocket


Thursday, 20 March 2008

An Award! How wonderful! and Pretty Easter Crafting!

How wonderful!! An Award -for Me!
The Darling Twiggypeasticks has Awarded me the Art+Y+Pico Award - I must Thank her Sooooo much - I am thrilled!
More of this once I have mastered the 'putting it on my blog' bit. I am sure it is easy once you know what to do! Any advice most welcome!
Had an awful day (stressful) with trip to the Drs with son No3 - it resulted with him being admitted to hospital, and you know how long winded these admissions can be, endless questions ( I know they need the information) -but its so tiring!
We've left him there- its surprising how much braver he is with the pretty nurses! ( he is 22 but still like a 7yr old with his Mum!)
Anyway on to something more interesting and fun - glad I did these yesterday ready for Easter it looks like I will be tied up at the hospital for a day or two. These are my chocolate Easter Bunnies. I took lots of photos - I like to look at lots of photos, especially when people are crafting - it gives me ideas and inspiration!
And I think, sometimes enviously - 'where did she get that fabulous trim' or whatnot!

Little Bunnies out of the mould, resting on a beautiful hand embroidered tray cloth that Hubby found this week in a Charity shop - I have him well trained!
I wrapped the Bunnies in some clear cellophane and tied with a bow.

And here are the little cheery bags I made earlier in the week, filled with Choccy eggs and chicks!

All the goodies on the table, mostly found at carboot sales and charity shops - and squirreled away to add fun and frolics to fabulous fripperies!

An Easter Basket for my little nieces - the nice choccy gifts wrapped in vintage paper bags and
tied with a bow!
Just a little couple of pics of the bag I was making last week - using the vintage 'Beano' comic
I made it quite large, with long handles so that it can be used as a 'shoulder bag'. I thought it might appeal to students to carry their work, or any other of us who hark back to those comfortable days of curling up with a good Comic!

'Desperate Dan' on one side, interior lined with 'Comic' fabric and little pocket, for phone/purse.

And 'Denis the Menace' on the other!
Bag 'body' is made form a vintage dark grey woollen blanket, and trimmed with red braid and one or two vintage buttons! just for fun!

I would like to offer this bag for sale here - to others who appreciate the different and quirky! It would be nice to see it go to a nice friendly home. For sale for £20 inc post and packaging in the UK (please contact me for postage to other destinations)
Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Treasure from deepest Anglesey!

What a pretty little collection of goodies, I am so thrilled with this little lot! I found these little treasures on Sunday at our local Carboot sale. It was freezing and a bit damp, so I was expecting to have a quick look around, pick up some bird seed and head home. But surprise, surprise people had made the effort, and with their vans cleverly positioned to shield the worst off the wind - lots of interesting boxes to trawl through!

Oh - and what goodies, a couple of vintage tins which are surprisingly clean and rust free - amazing colours which came through when I washed them.
The little picture of the Lady is an extremely proficient piece of work combining appliqued vintage felt (amazing colours) and embroidery. A lovely piece just needs a nice vintage frame! Although I might put her on Ebay for someone else to cherish - she doesn't seem to 'fit' anywhere here -I have been round and round the house propping her up here and there. Maybe this is not her journeys end!
I was painstakingly looking through a heap of fabric and doilies when the stallholder (she was rather cold and tired!) said 'just take them all for a £1' - what can a girl do! - I came away with a bag full. Some are a bit ' run of the mill' but there are some really nice fine cotton ones too. Looking for projects to use up mountains of doilies now!
I thought this was a beautiful thing, I don't know how old it is - it must be 60s - it has a domed glass front with the black print on it, it is backed with hardboard, and fastened together with brass fittings and hook to hang it with. I particularly like our faerie folk so this really appealed to me, I will hang it in the conservatory with the other faerie things.
So pretty - how can people bear to part with them! There again not everyone is so obsessed with 'old dingy stuff' - as is often implied by some of my family!

This pretty bunch smell as nice as they look! There is such a nice little old man who stands every Sunday no matter the weather, he sells bird food, plants and great bunches of pretty flowers for next to nothing - no excuse for a girl not to spoil herself!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sunday Evening Trivia!

Its Sunday evening, we've had such a busy day, Treasure hunting (at the local carboot! - more of that later), Shopping (boring!), and fixing the shower (messy and wet!)
So I thought I would mess about here, practicing with the layout and whatnot - and show you a few photos. Hopefully - with practice I will get better at uploading things.
Photo above shows some of my little collection of vintage cosmetics, just on a little dresser in the bathroom.

' This is where my faeries live'
A little view of the mule chest which holds some of my collection of Amethyst geodes - little sparkly caves - home to the faerie folk!

My pretty little bedside lamp! I am quite attached to this! - usually I find so many goodies, but have such a small house, I play with them for a time and then put them on Ebay - share them around a bit! I then have room for new treasures. but I can't see me letting go of the lamp for a while.

Above the lamp hangs a pretty little Bridesmaids dress - just imagine I wore that once! Admittedly it was a long time ago! - but sweet memories!

This is what the Kids call - 'Mums row of Dead Folk!'
Well I like it anyway - all those vintage photos of long gone loved ones, and Yes they are all related to us, some we were privileged to meet and love, some had gone before us, and we have to content ourselves with tales of their 'Derring Do'!
All - Of course! - in pretty little vintage frames!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Its too cold to play outside!

Its just too cold to play outside today, I know the garden needs some attention, but it will have to wait until it warms up a bit. I have done a little bit - the tomato seedlings have at last been potted on, I am sure they gasped a sigh of relief!
So as you can see from the pics, I am full of sewing, sewing, sewing in my head, my work area is a tip, but I am having a good time!

You have never seen a body throw together a potato pie and stick it in the oven, as fast as I did last night when, totally absorbed in my sewing - I looked at the clock and it was nearly time for my hubby to be home from work - he's given up smoking (I am so proud of him, It must be really hard when he's smoked for ages) and consequently he comes in as hungry as a horse! Must be better organised tonight -Yea Ha ha!

This is what I have been playing with, Its some old fabric I picked up with characters from the comic 'Beano' on it. I have appliqued them on to a basic tote style bag made from a vintage woollen blanket, and will line it with the same comic fabric. I quite like these old blankets they make really soft touchy, feeley kinda bags.

The thing is with sewing, and all crafty things think - I always have a list in my head of the next thing, the next project - that bit of wonderful fabric sat there on the shelf calling out to me ! - Is it just me??

This is just another of my little Tote type bags -I have a case full of similar bits and bobs!

A friend of mine has introduced me to Etsy. She helped me set up a shop, the whole thing scares me a bit because the money is in dollars! I know wimpy me! We must think globally I know - scares me though! Anybody had any luck with this way of selling ? It seems a huge market place, it will be an interesting experience, hopefully I will meet similar, interesting people.
Oh and the shop is called have a peek and let me know what you think.

Going to go and at least pull something out of the freezer -Be Prepared! - then I can sew!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hello! Anybody out there???

I promised myself I would take a deep breath and dive in! - so I did and here I am ! I've been an avid reader of all your Blogs for so long, I hope I can contribute to the fun !
As you can see from the 'About Me' bit, I live in Wales its a beautiful place, just feels a bit isolated when the weather is bad.The Children (all men!) have grown and gone - all but one, he keeps coming and going.
At the moment I am a bit house bound, having had an accident earlier in the year so blogging has kept me interested, and inspired my creative urges. Unable to work I have used the time wisely- Ha ha! - spent my time dolling about playing with my heaps of vintage fabrics. I collect all vintage type things to do with sewing, and do all my sewing on an old vintage treadle machine it takes a bit longer, but I feel it gives that authentic finish to my handmade goodies.

My work area is in the conservatory bit of the cottage, its always a bit of a mess, but I like to have all my things to hand and on show, it gives me ideas ans inspiration! At least that's my excuse!
At the moment I am making some little fabric Easter bags, decorated with a bit of lace for my nieces. I will fill them with chocolate eggs and some fluffy little Easter chicks I bought off Ebay ( Isn't Ebay just wonderful!).
I bought some chocolate bunny lollipop moulds -off Ebay too. I will make some of these for the lads - you are never too old for a bit of Easter chocolate! At least today it has been a bit warmer, ( the storms we have been having here in the UK have been awful) and the birds are singing! Spring must be on its way! I