Monday, 1 February 2010

Harris Tweed on a Sunday!

Hope you are all fit and well, and had a good weekend.
Just thought I would show you a little something I found at the carboot sale on Sunday.
One stall that is always there is just row upon row of cardboard boxes containing all manner of things - Household Clearance stuff. You have to have a good rummage - there are usually new boxes every week, and on a Sunday its 'fill a bag for £1' - so you pay your £1, are given a plastic carrier bag, and you can fill it right up with things that take your fancy.
I always have a good look first - make sure there is something I could use - heaven forbid! that I should waste my £1!
There is usually some bits and bobs, even if its just knitting wool or needles, the other week I got a lot of Christmas ribbon for wrapping next years presents, or maybe I will find a couple of china mugs - allsorts of everything!
Well this week I found a whole heap of squares of Harris tweed! I think they are samples - they were a book of samples. They have a little sticker printed with the Harris Tweed logo and are numbered - identification of logo courtesy of Hubby P who seems to have endless knowledge of this sort of thing - doesn't yet remember where we keep the corkscrew, but knows random things about Harris Tweed!
I thought they were lovely - all those muted Heathery colours, ideal for small crafty projects - or bigger ones if I sewed them together!
I had a go today- made a couple into little purses. It was more an experiment to try out my sewing machine really - Hubby P had to mend it over the weekend - I was Horror struck! never before has my darling machine broken down. Luckily there is not a lot to go wrong with a treadle sewing machine - the belt has snapped - Hubby P mended it! Its as good as new - just a bit stiffer on the old legs!

Can you see the wonderful bright yellow cotton fabric underneath the purses. Hubby P found it in a Charity Shop - its Vintage I would say but new/never been used. And there is loads of it, enough I should think for a dress - someone was intending a largish garment - to make a 'Largish Statement' I should think with that bright pattern!

I used a bit to line one of the purses - I thought it was quite the jolly thing!

Yes, one of the purses is for Rosie!

Hope you are all having a jolly crafting time!

A bit of creativity does you a world of good!

xx Take care xx