Monday, 19 May 2008


Hope you all had a good weekend!
I just had to show you this!!*** such an exciting find!!**** and for just £1!
I had spotted the green metal soap dish (£1) and picked up thinking it kinda matched one that holds my 'Sunlight soap' on the kitchen window sill. The lady who's stall it was pointed out this WONDERFUL - tatty green painted shaving mirror, the mirror in tact and everything.!
I was so thrilled!!! -I know its so sad!
Anyway here it is on my kitchen window sill - for now! Just a bit creepy catching yourself in the mirror whilst washing up!
These are so pretty, I know you will appreciate them. They are Foil work pictures, and in such good condition - just flung in an oddments box! How they didn't get broken!

Pretty, pretty bonnet ed, crinoline-d young lady, picking flowers or fruit from a tree.

And pretty colourful parrots!
They are so pretty, but I just can't keep every thing so I have put them on Ebay, the rationing goes - if they don't sell they are JUST SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITH ME!
Now just a little peek at my Inspirational Summer Swap - don't look Cleary!!

Yes its green with summery flowers, that's all I am saying! Its finished so I will be sending it off - all the way to America soon!
See I haven't spent all my time in the garden - well it does go dark eventually!


I have been busy putting bits and pieces in my Etsy shop
The reasoning being that if I am to keep buying like a mad thing, I have to try and MAKE! some money! Otherwise the sums wont work out!
This is just a little Native American Fantasy Dream Brooch/Corsage.

And a little Faerie Glade Toadstool Brooch/Corsage.
The photos are not too good, I am going to have some instruction from Rich (son) with this fancy camera! Not sure it will do much good - me and technology don't mix too well!
Hope everyone Else's Etsy is picking up, all we can do is stick with it, and mention Etsy to all your friends - mine are tired of hearing of the wonderful world of Etsy!!
Ta Ta for now XX