Monday, 22 March 2010

Everyday Stuff - But Evenings - Well! Just One Big Love-in!!!

Hello Lovelies!!
Well! At last! A few pretty Daffodils out at the front of the cottage. I seem to have been waiting for ages. They are so welcome!
Maybe - dare we hope warmer weather is on its way!
A bit of a post of allsorts today.

The Gangs all Here!
All ready and eager to be on their way to their new homes, bringing Easter Greetings to the younger people.

Flushed with the success of the Vintage fabric tea towels I made last week (I know its soooo sad!), I riffled through my fabric boxes looking for similar. I thought to myself 'why have plain boring white linen (that always gets stained and discoloured) - when I could use my nice vintage-y retro stuff everyday - its only sitting in boxes - just need to run it up into tea towels'.
So that's what I did - I found this rather jazzy, bright brown-y/orange-y fabric. There was a pair of curtains and an odd funny shaped curtain (that I cut up). I vaguely remember my friends mother giving me this - she helped run Jumble Sales and brought me loads of stuff at one time, I would just give her an idea of the projects I was working on - sorts of things she could look out for, I just gave a good donation ot the funds.
But then again that's how I end up with huge stashes of fabric - and it get a bit out of hand!

The fabric is like new, the curtains look as if they have never been used. It has that starchy stiffness of new fabric.

I thought the colours would go well with the kitchen cupboards. I've just given them a lick of paint to freshen them up - they are a kind of gentle green colour.

Years ago when we first got the little tumbly cottage - we had not a bean to our name, and 'Made Do and Mended' in every way possible. Hubby P built my kitchen cupboards from old heavy wooden packing chests we bought at the Sale. They are large, sturdy and rustic looking cupboards - a bit like us really!

I painted them in a 'distressed' fashion, and over the years they have indeed taken on a nice old, worn, distressed look and feel. I paint them to freshen them up, but I try and keep that battered rustic look.

And of course - just inside one of the doors I have a gentle reminder!

Je T'aime - Je T'aime
Well! - what can I say - its all happening here - and with warts on!!

This is the House of Luurrrvvvveeee!!
Just step outside the door and the path is littered with Toads - all in a romantic mood!
This little chap wearing the headdress of pond weed is clinging on like mad, he's just ousted another male and has won his prize - for now!
(If you don't know anything about Toads - the males are smaller, and all climb on the back of the female, pushing and shoving to get the best position and cling on. Sometimes you can see the poor female with three or four males atop her back!)
They all show up at this time of year, and we will end up with a pond full of baby toads!
Its a nice introduction to spring and summer.

I will leave you with the gallant loser - the spurned lover! Off he goes to lick his wounds, and gather strength enough to try and win the next lady that comes along!

Update on Geoffrey the mouse - Hubby P saw him a few nights ago with what we think is Mrs Geoffrey ( a rather plump, glowing little lady) He has since been seen taking vast quantities of food down to his/their nest.
We are inclined to think that they are 'anticipating a happy event', and there may well be little iddy biddy Geoffreys soon! Keep you posted!

xxx Take care for now xxx