Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Good Old Soap ...Grannies Pinny and Memories ...

Hello there ...

What is it about this time of year always starts us off thinking of yesteryear ... the whys and wherefores .. what .. who .. and why..
what happened to such and such..
the memories.

Even the everyday ... things we live with can get us thinking.

I've got a thing about soap .. yes I know ... 'Another Thing'!
But I love soaps ... especially the old chunky sort ...

 The sort that our grandmothers would have used on a daily basis for all the cleaning jobs ... from floors to dishes to the children's hair.
As you can see I have some on the windowsill in the kitchen that I use ... I wash my hands with it and dab my scourer on it to rub stubborn stains on pans ...or whatever.

 I just love these old boxes of soap ... just fab ...
Perfection .. of course .. what more needs to be said!

 And this pink one is just wonderful .... it even smells healthy ....goodness knows whats in it.

The soap is always there on the windowsill ... so why start musing on soap ...?
well I found a couple of little pinny's.

 Just like Gran use to wear ... the pull over your head ... like a dress .. and tie well around your ample figure ... all good stout cotton....
they all use to wear them ... ladies of a certain age ... it was like a uniform...

 This particular one even has its label on saying Made in Lancashire ... I grew up in Lancashire and the towns were mill towns .. producing cotton and all manor of cotton products...
and as it states here 'Sterling cloth'.
Many a morning the fresh bright colours could be seen wrapped about a stout matron nipping to the corner shop for her fags ...

 I remember walking to my friends house .. she lived in town ... amongst the rows of terraced houses built originally for the workers of the we dawdled through the cobbled streets many a Mum would be outside with a bucket and scrubbing brush .. sprucing up the front of the house ... and in that bucket lurked a bar of the hard soap.
Windowsills .. doors and steps would be scrubbed and sluiced down. Not many 'donkey stoned' the front step when I was a child .. that had mostly died out .. but still the houseproud ladies scrubbed off the grime of a industrial Lancashire town.

 And I loved this little label .. you just wouldn't get this nowadays would you!
Of course its just a passing piece of treasure .. nice to have a while ... nice to have the memories ... but it will go to a new home to make its own memories ... its on ebay .. its new owner awaits.

 Whats brought back the memories for you this week ... happy ones I hope?