Monday, 29 July 2013

Such A Busy Summertime .... Hello..!

Hello there .... about time I had a catch up ...

Such a busy time here ... making hay whilst the sun shines an all that ... or at least trying to work all we can whilst we have the weather 
... and No .. 
I am not going to moan about the weather ... Its very hot .. hot... and more hot ...
but hey... better than that dismal rain!

So what to say ...
 can't think where to start so here's a few pic's ...

 Much of our time is taken up sourcing and sorting stock for our business ... its quite a job find fresh and interesting items to offer  our customers.
I've been doing a bit of sewing ... messing about with pretty fabrics ... giving new life to gently faded linens .. and making up scraps of prettiness into useful cushions.

I find they sell quite well ... and they complment the furniture Hubby P has restored or revamped.

 This week he has given new life to some well made but tired looking pieces .. he used a colour called French Gold .... just a change from the whites and creams you see such a lot of.

I found a lovely old Grannies Pinny ... the wraparound sort that all Grannies use to wear .. it had been washed and worn .. washed and worn ... until it was as soft and comfy as .. well granny herself!

Unfortunately it was beyond repair ... so it too was made into a cushion .. something to snuggle up to ... like granny herself! 

 Pretty little chair ... snapped up to grace a young ladies bedroom.

 And more chairs ... these found a home in a cottage kitchen.

Hubby P ... painting under the big sunshade ... he's as brown as a berry working out in this sunshine ... (don't look at my knickers drying in the background ... not really an artistic shot) ...

The garden ... well ... struggling with this heat ...but the beans have gone a bit mad ... and we've had a couple of courgettes.

Loads of Redcurrants ... picked and in the freezer ... I fancy some redcurrant jelly with a nice leg of Lamb for Christmas.
And the Marigolds like the sunshine.

So that's us at the moment ... just busy working .... I have tried to do a work Facebook page ...if you like looking at bits of furniture (and cushions!) Trading.
Its all a bit new so maybe its a bit basic ...but all the youngsters say its the thing we should have ... so I will give it a go.

Hope you are all well ... I am trying to catch up on your blogs .. do so like to see what you are all up to.

Take care xx bye for now xx