Sunday, 30 January 2011

When's A Mug...More Than Just A Mug?

So... when is a Mug more than just a mug? .... well for me its when its a delightful Retro-y little trio like these.

We were having a bit of a Mug crisis here in the Allsorts household...mostly due to me dropping them on a regular basis (due to arm-y...neck-y injury problem) ...and Hubby P dropping the picnic box this the dark, as we set off for Carboot...and smashing another two!
So how pleased was I to spot these real retro 70's style mugs on an old ladies stall...and for the princely sum of only 50p each.
Cheap and cheerful....that's me.
At that price I won't be afraid of using them....chances are I will drop them at some point, although they are a bit sturdier than the china ones I usually favor.

I bought these too, sorry the pic's a bit blurred, anyone know what this pattern is called?
I use to have the canisters and tins and whatnot in this pattern, can't say I have ever seen the mugs before.
I do like blue and white....its so kinda 'fresh' looking.
And Fabric.....
how could I leave this piece behind... a seasoned stallholder had put this aside for me....he's quite aware of my passion for old fabrics.....although its quite beyond his understanding...but then again he is a Man! (so I think we can forgive him! lol)

Its a new unused length of what I think is 1950's lightweight cotton... just so cute with the little bunnies...... so Easter-ish.

The colours are so fresh and bright, and it has that crisp starch-y feel of new fabric.

A largish piece so I have done the usual thing..... shared it between me (for my stash... maybe an Easter project) and put a bit on Ebay to recoup some pennies.

Now lets see.... what can I make with these cheeky little bunnies?

xx Take care for now xx nite nite xx