Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pretty Pic's and Thrifty Cheese..

Hello there ...
hope all is hunky dorey in your world.

Just a few pretty pic's today ... little things that make me smile. 

 I potted up these little beauties in mis matched china ..I glued the cups to the saucers for more stability..

 I have them dotted about the house ... spreading their loveliness..

Absolutely bursting with the promise of Spring .. and zinging with life in the sunshine!

And we have had lots off it ... lovely .. fresh ...sparkley days ... days with a promise in the air..

 Another pretty.

I'm hoping we have an early Spring ... my Broad Beans are coming on in leaps and bounds and will want planting out soon the way they are going. 

 This weeks Thrifty Buy ...

 I managed to buy this from the butcher van for £10 ...
 2.38 kg for £10.

Cheese is expensive and I do always look for the ones 'on offer'...
but saying that some are a bit bland and rubbery and I end up using twice as much to get some flavour into a dish.

So this was a bit of a gamble ... but it seems to have paid off ... its nice and strong...and suitably 'cheese-y'

I cut it into usable lumps  ... put a couple in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. The trick is .. as with anything you have lots of not to eat it 'as if there is no tomorrow' ...just because there is lots.
No saving then.

Although it does mean an girl has to expand her cheese-y type dishes ..
.. and not let Hubby P just eat it all on his digestive biscuits. 

Mind you ... bread and cheese ... with a bit of chutney ... 
is there a tastier meal ...
so rustic .. its got to be healthy!

Help me out here folks .... how am I to eat my way through all this cheese? Any .. not too complicated ... cheese-y dishes you have found super tasty?