Monday, 22 November 2010

Make Do & Mend Curtains and Cosy Evenings

Hello there all you kindly people!
Hope you are having a good week and getting prepared for the snow they are promising us - well, we in good old Blighty that is..... we still get all excited about the weather!
Well the nights are well and truly in, real 'Winter evenings' now, where the only warm place is around the fire, snuggled with a blanket around my knees.
I like a little candle light too, I find it soothing and gentle on the eyes..... no good for sewing or reading mind..... but nice for contemplation!
Busy busy here this week ~ I had a 'that's it - can't stand it any longer' moment.... the 'it' being the tatty paintwork in the sitting room..... well all the house really - but lets break it to Hubby P gently!
I rummaged about in the shed to see what paint we had, and came out with some large tins of 'Farrow and Ball' - posh paint...... indeed expensive posh paint. Obviously it was a 'find' from a carboot sale - there is no way I would or could afford Farrow and Ball prices.
Sooooo - ever so posh ere now with our posh paint on the walls!
Of course new paintwork makes everything else looks a bit sad and worn - still its homely and warm.... and its paid for!
I've been searching for weeks for my thicker 'Winter' curtains - I've put them away somewhere 'safe' - I can't find them.... anywhere!
So I looked to my stash of fabric and found some really rather nice, very old, heavy-ish cotton barkcloth curtains, 1940/50's I should think.... very very nice.

First of all in the spirit of Make Do & Mend I had to find some header tape - so I unpicked some from an old curtain (a rather nice Laura Ashley curtain as it happens - I think it may become a door curtain, so I can sit and look at it, and it can hang and look pretty!).

As you can see I have finished and hung the first curtain ( I really must get on with the other).

I just so love this pattern, and the muted old fashioned colours are just lovely.

Of course some of us ..... namely Charlie the cat.... didn't lift a paw to help!
xxx Keep warm..... Take care for now xxxx