Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Elderflowers, Bunnies and Morticias Dressing Screen!

A Post of bits'n bobs today!
The first of the climbing roses I planted only a few weeks ago is blooming its little socks off. I hadn't expected very much from them this first year, I thought it would take a while for them to scramble up the poles of the pergola. So I am pleased - so pretty and white!
The garden is doing so well with all this lovely weather!

It was Car Boot Sale day yesterday - lots and lots of finds! I spent £25 - which is a fortune for me! But lots of goodies - --

Some wonderful old music - Christopher Robin songs - remember him from Winnie the Pooh, and an old newspaper, I like to keep - Hubby P would say hoard things like that for crafty type projects. I just love the ageing paper and old faded print!
The Union Jack I acquired for free! (a little surreptitious fluttering of the eyelashes!). I was busy looking through all the boxes for goodies when a man said ' Sorry Love, I've just bought that boxful' by this time I had the flag - His flag, in my hand. 'Oh' I said 'what a pity - I do so like this little flag, I collect old fabrics and whatnot' - with a nice smile of course! 'Oh you have it then' He said - then I got a long tale about what else was in the box and what he wanted it for - nice Man though! And nice flag!

Lots of other goodies too - pretty tin, 30's mirrored photograph frame, another Better Maid bowl, dressmaking body form, soaps, smellies, some 60's Vintage dresses (for ebay) the list goes on - Oh' and a little rabbit hutch - expanding family you know!

The dressmaking form I am covering with paper - papier mache' style, and finishing with layer of old print music - I think - up to now that's my idea. Other 'bodies' I have covered in scraps of Vintage fabric - I use them to display my collection if Vintage furs (sounds grand - I have two or three!)
- they were passed down to me from family members - I know Fur is really un PC nowadays, but they are so lovely and glamorous.
One of my 'bodies' wears a pretty Vintage corset and crystal beads under her fur!
The most unusual, and exciting thing I found - tossed on the floor - nearly getting trampled on, is this old Screen (possibly Victorian).
Hubby P thinks it is hauntingly Gothic - he calls it Morticias screen ( Morticia from the Adams family!)

There is a lot of damage - lots of restoration work to do (Hubby P is a whizz with a screwdriver and whatnot!) - but the two inner panels are in reasonable condition - the gold thread work is just beautiful.

I am still thinking of the best way to go about it, I think I may have to loose one outer very badly damaged panel, and maybe repair the fabric with black lace - make feature of the repair. Whatever I do will have to be done slowly and painstakingly - the fabric is so old and frail.
I saw it, liked it - just had to save it!

On the home provisions side, I made some Elderflower cordial - it is so lovely and refreshing!
I imagine its especially 'refreshing' with a splash of Gin or Vodka!!

Update on the Bunnies - they are out of the nest and scampering about the hutch with Mum, sorry the photo's not too good - they just won't keep still!

Off to stick some paper on a dummy - doesn't sound too good does it!!
xx Take Care For Now xx
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