Saturday, 26 May 2012

Jolly Thrifty Bunting...

 Enjoying the sun?

Its wonderful after all those months of damp dodgy weather ... still I can only take it in small doses.

I'm lucky to have a cool shady house.... the cottage has thick walls and small windows. Warm in winter .. cool in summer.

So this is what I've done today ... but of sun in the garden... bit of Bunting in the house...

 I fancied having a sew .... just... you do, so I thought a bit of bunting would do the trick.... one or two celebrations in the offing... and it will look good in the garden.

Thrifty Bunting of course .... made from some old pillowcases and bits and bobs of trimming stuff I had stashed away.

Lets hope the sun is with us for a while .... it would be nice to have a warm relaxing summer.... 

xx Take care .... bye for now xx