Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I have been Tagged!! My first - so here goes :-

I have been tagged by the lovely April ~ Cake makes the World a better ~
1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). post the Rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4).Name 7 favorite blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been Tagged.
Seven things about myself? Are there so many things that could interest anyone?
1) I was born and raised in Lancashire (I'm Lancashire Lass!) and grew up roaming the sometimes bleak, but beautiful moors.
2) After school I studied Agriculture - Yes! I can milk a cow, birth a lamb!
3) We grew up as I said on the 'wild moors', I can remember bring very young, when we had
to carry water from a well, we didn't have electricity until I was 12yrs old. It has had a
profound effect - my upbringing has given me a certain 'Make do and Mend' mentality!
4) I treasure my skills ~ Sewing, Baking,Gardening and all the other little domestic things we
do everyday,these skills were taught to me by my Grandmothers and Mother who I no
longer have, but the memories are there to treasure.
5) I am a 'Big Girl' always have been, so have developed a dress style which I feel comfy in
which involves a lot of homemade and revamped clothes.
6) I hate 'shopping' - for things like food and especially anything that involves going into
places like Argos!
7) I wear Chanel No5.
Seven favorite blogs - that's a hard one, there are so many!
Twiggy pea sticks
Nostalgia at the Stone House
Cakes Make the World a Better Place
Sea Angels
Lucy Locket Recycled her Pocket
Look to your Emails to see if you have been Tagged!!!!
Look what Else! I am looking forward to a little something from Josie at Sykesssillysite - I won her Pay It Forward. It must be my turn to do a little for you nice, lovely yummy people who keep reading my waffle! So if you would like to leave a comment on this blog, I will draw names out of a hat, and the winners will receive some nice goodies!! Every girl so likes getting nice little parcels!!
I will make the draw a week from today ~ 9th April!
Just a bit about sewing machines!

This is my little beauty! I have had so many comments and emails about my sewing machine I thought I would post some photos. This is the machine I use for all my sewing, as I said earlier, we had no electricity as a child, so I learned to sew on treadle machine. Dad bought me an electric Singer for my 18th, and I made Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses on it. I still have it - it works just fine 27 years on! But the treadle - Oh - I suppose it is all about memories, the gentle whirr, the easy control, the beautiful engineering - and with care it will sew anything!
The one in the picture above I found at a carboot sale, the man selling it had been taught to sew on it by his Grandmother -how he could sell it I don't know! (Men - a breed apart!). I took it home for £7 and gave it some TLC, and she serves me well. Curiously I don't have a name for her. She is a Singer made in 1926 - just imagine the tales she could tell, what she must have seen and made!

The other little machine on the windowsill is another rescue from a carboot (sold or skip'ed that was the option). She is a hand operated machine made in 1891 - imagine being over 100 yrs old and still working just fine! I actually do have others - but I have to keep them out of sight, Hubby hasn't twigged to the scale of this addiction!

This is just a little 'find' I uncovered at the weekend. Not a very good photo I'm afraid - the camera flash reflected off the black silk. It is an adorable little purse 20's I think, black pleated silk with a diamante clasp, it still has its original bevel edged mirror inside. I thought I would keep my vintage earrings in it - on display so I can look at it everyday - is that sad?


  1. Hi, oops! someone beat you to it!, I've already been tagged! can you send me your address as i've finished your pay it forward parcel, I hope its okay,its made from scraps of leftover fabric
    Josie x

  2. I am sure it will me lovely Josie!So excited now. xx Vicky xx
    I will email my address.

  3. Thank you so much for saying those lovely things about me and my little blog!

    Thanks also for doing the tag and I am extremely jealous of all those lovely sewing machines

    April xx

  4. Thanks so much for listing me as one of your favourite blogs - I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for my listing too lady, very nice of you. Your sewing machines are gorgeous, I still have to get my mum to thread mine for me :) I call her Myrtle, my machine that is, not my mum!!
    Twiggy x
    PS I like your 7 facts.

  6. Oh I love those machines, they're beautiful! And able to milk a cow too - I'm so jealous!


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