Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tuesday's Tuppenny-penny Houses .....Valley Car Boot Sale..

Hello there ..
... has that got you thinking...   
'well .. whats a tuppenny penny house then .. 


It was a cold and chilly morning ... I know
 ...most mornings are now 
... but Tuesdays we are up extra early to trade at Valley car boot sale.

Its pretty dark when we get there but lots of other traders are already there setting up ... and its very friendly and jolly ... so long as you are wrapped up warm ... all's well

I give Hubby P a hand setting out the bits and bobs ... china is always popular.

The glass ware sparkles in the lamplight ... it could be an evening 'supper entertainment' not a cold damp morning at silly o'clock in the morning!

Hubby P.... 'big strong man' or 'very silly man' ... that he is... heaves all these boxes out of the van 
These rummage boxes are full of house clearance type stuff .... all sorts of everything.... to be sold at silly pence per item .... he gets lots of this stuff every week .. so it has to go quickly ... so  its cheap and cheerful.

And so the trading day begins ....

Twas a bit slow my end ... and you know how you get that 'creative -y thing' that urge to hold a needle .. to have a mess about ..

Well I found some bits of felt ... and well ... had a bit of a mess about..
 I suppose I was thinking of the wee folk .. of fairies and imps and magical things ... 

I just let the needle wander where it would ... its a while since I played with the embroidery silks.

Of course all the little houses have little wood burning stoves to keep itsy bitsy fairy feet nice and toasty ... you can see they have lovely big chimneys that puff away gently ...
If... when you wander the fairy glens ...amongst the gentle mists of Autumn .... and smell the air ... 
... can you not just get a whiff of their woodsmoke ... sweet brier burning brightly ... with a cheery glow.   

So there we are .... Tuppenny penny houses ....
Ah ... but wait ...why Tuppenny penny?

I thought we would have a ... 'Bit Of A Giveaway' ... bit of fun..
So ... any ideas? 
Why do I call them Tuppenny Penny Houses?

Leave me a comment and I will do a draw next Thursday.. 1st Nov I believe (and let you into the secret)
 ... and the winner will receive their very own Tuppenny Penny House ... complete with resident fairies. 

xx  Take care  xx