Friday, 27 November 2009

Hello there, hope alls well with you!
Just a catch up post, I don't know about you, I seem to be so busy trying to sort out this Christmassy thing! What gifts to find for everyone? I am sure everyone has got far too much of everything as it is!
I've just been outside to see what the 'greenery situation' is - I usually make Christmas wreaths and bits and bobs of decoration from greenery in the garden and local hedgerows.
The Rosemary is putting on a fine show, it is even having a go at flowering!
I espied Charlie cat amongst the plants, he's in Hubby P's bad books at the moment.
On Saturday evening I had taken some steak out of the freezer to defrost for Sundays lunch, I put in a dish and covered it well with a clean teatowel. We returned home from the Car Boot Sale to find the house in uproar as Richard was trying to get all the 'guilty parties' - cat and dogs out of the house so he could clean up the mess. Charlie had been on the kitchen worktop, managed to get at the meat,get the packaging off, and dragged it through the house - dripping blood! Yuk! and was happily sharing it with the dogs when Richard came home!

Hubby P was not amused - he had to have pie for Sunday lunch!

Big decisions were made this week! Due to the digital switchover thingy, we would have had to get a freeveiw box of something similar, so Hubby P started looking on the net at the different types and repeatedly shouted to me (sat in the other room reading)' this one does this, this one does that, do we need it to record?' etc etc! Eventually I was tired of all this rubbish' about things that a) I really don't understand, and b) I really don't care about.
'Look' I said 'for me you could throw the thing out of the window - we don't watch it!'
And so the discussion began - result - no telly!
We treated ourselves to simple record deck so we could sit and listen to our 78's and LP's.
And money saved from paying for the TV licence!

Excitement of the week! Treasure at the local carboot sale!
I bought a chair! Not just any chair! a wonderfully old, comfy,'if only I could speak' chair!
It was an exhilarating, thrilling experience - we -Hubby P and I were stood with the rest of the throng of people waiting for the House Claerance Guy to unload his van. Now usually I stand back - people are pushing and shoving to get near enough to see in the boxes -its a bit mad!
However I espied this chair being carried over the heads of the 'throng' - Wow' - I thought!
So I pushed my way towards the guy with the chair and got hold of one side 'let me help you' I said, he put it down and I rearranged the cushions - I plopped myself down into it, Hubby P was enthusing about it - and it felt really comfortable!
By this time I could see the Dealers inching towards the Seller ready to make an offer - so I shouted (still sat in the chair) 'How Much??' - well he knows me well so he just held up ten fingers -£10! I caught Hubby P's eye and said 'Pay the Man'!
It was all done so quickly - you could see the surprise on the Dealers faces! One of them mumbled to Hubby P 'that's a £100 chair you have there - well done'

As you can see its in good vintage condition, I gave it a good going over with beeswax, and its come up great.

One or two areas of wear, but that's to be expected, and all adds to the charm!

Whilst Hubby P was cleaning down the sides of the chair - pulling out hair pins, straight pins, loads of fluff and dust, he found these.

I am sure many of you will remember Black Jack sweets from your childhood, only these wrappers seemed a little different. You an see they have little Golliwogs on them - well that's been very un PC for a while now. So Hubby P - being Hubby P! did a bit of research on't 'tinternet!
The only similar label he could find was in the Royal Albert Museum, it is a very early 1920's wrapper produced by Trebour for their sweets - Blackjacks, but with an aniseed flavour ( I remember them as being liquorice). Sooooooooooo have we got something rather rare? Is it worth anything?
Well Hubby P has put it on Ebay - just to see - it would be nice if the labels made just enough to pay for the chair!
Will keep you posted!
xx Take care for now xx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Only Two Today!

Hello there! Hope you had a good weekend.
Just catching up today, and musing about the change in the garden - this wind and rain has knocked the stuffing out of the few flowers that were hangin' on in there!
The chickens have cotton'ed on to the cold, the wet and the early darkness, fewer eggs - just two today!
But two just fine specimens!
The Chickens are looking well considering the cold and damp, and the fact that they are rather 'old Girls' - you know - not just as spry as they once were - losing their figures a bit - but we love um!

The speckledies always have a lot to say for themselves!

And Missie here, the last of our pretty little white bantams - well! she's hanging on in there! - she must be very old now. But still she puffs up her feathers and gives as good as she gets - no one pushes her around!

So! dippy eggs for lunch!

Just having a quick mooch around the garden between the showers, the sun was out - it was quite pleasant.

I just love these Autumn colours, I grew this little oak tree from seed, it stands in a pot by the door!
As you can see I'm all togged up for the cold! I went into town on Saturday - big expedition for me! I hate big towns, big shops and all that consumerism - the push, push, push for you to buy, buy, and buy some more . All things you didn't think or know that you needed. Anyway, enough of a rant! Hubby P sweetened the trip with lunch, he went hunting the Charity shops whilst I popped to Evans ( a shop - for those of you who don't know - for hhmm shall we say lovely larger ladies!) I whizzed around the shop - jumpers, cardigans - all that is warm and woolly - I had a jolly good look. I am determined to keep warm and cosy this winter. I bought a selection, thin ones and chunky ones - layering is the key to cosiness I think. I found Hubby P - bemoaning the prices of the Charity shops, took his arm and we came home!

So I may look like a Michelin Man but i am warm and cosy!

Onwards around the garden, I found little bright corners -

Pretty red rose hips, with the most gorgeous pale lime-y green leaves.

This is the view from our gate, the horses are back in the field. When they race down the hill it sounds like thunder!

Still lots of jewel like berries on this Pheasants Eye bush, the birds just love these berries, don't imagine they will last much longer, Mrs Blackbird was having a nibble as I took this.

Weekend Finds!
Not too much, but it was nice to get out have a mooch about, have a chat to friends and whatnot. I bought this little lamp - only £1, so how could I not!
I think its probably 1950/60's, I thought it so cute! The shade has a bit of wear and tear - but hey! its Vintage! its going to be a bit shabby! The base is perfect - it just needs re-wiring and that's not a big job. I am sure Hubby P can be persuaded to sort it out, although it something I could do if I got my act together, its not difficult.

Oops - look an escaped Dolph! Must catch him and put him back in the Christmas Basket!

As you an see the base is in excellent order - its just so pretty!
Got to go now, hunt down, and catch that pesky Dolph!
Bye for now xxx take care!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Six Things! and Christmassy Robins!!

Hello there! All ready for the weekend?
I had a lovely surprise today when I logged on - a nice shiny new Award ! Given to be by Decadent Housewife A lovely lady, one who I have come to think of as a friend, although we've never met (simply an ocean between us!) I think of her most days and look forward to her regular blogs.
Anyway - lovely little Award - with it comes the Six Things - tell six things about yourself that no one knows (or who would really care anyway!)
So here we go -
*I like to have bright colours in my hair, at the moment (as from Wednesday) I have flashed of a Christmassy red amongst my black hair.
*I bite my nails 'something shocking' as they say, but I do so long to have beautiful painted manicured nails!
*As a child I had a pet Fox (rescued as a cub her mother was shot) we called her Popsie, she thought she was a dog, and tried to bark!
*When I was a child my Grandad who was a bit of a dealer, brought home a big wooden box of the old fashioned hard yellow soap. It was summer and we children had an old trestle table - one leg up and one down to form a slide under the hose pipe, which was attached to the washing line, to shower water on to the 'slide'. We used the soap to grease the slide! My mother said she had never had such clean children!
*Another time we went with my Grandad to clear a house. he was often asked to do this by Solicitors and the like when older people had died and there were no known relatives to deal with their affairs. Anyway - as we were removing all the furniture and effects, Grandad was taking the old oilcloth tablecloth from the big old table, as he removed it he found layer upon layer of bank notes. It was obviously where the householder had hidden his savings!
*Standard wear when I was a child was a red balaclava hat and wellies! both myself and my Uncle ( who was only 2yrs older than me and I consider to be more of a brother!) were both kitted out in the red hats - it was so that my mother could see us more easily as we played in the fields surrounding our home! The wellies because we invariably found a stream to play in, although most nights the wellies were full of water, and we had to stuff them with newspaper over night, to try and dry them out!
Not anything wildly exciting I know! Still its all just a part of me!
Now I have to pass this on to six others, then if they choose to, they can keep the ball rolling!
* Josie - wonderful tales of crafting and everyday life!
* Jennie - maker of wonderful ragdolls and the like!
*Juicy Fig a Lancashire lass like me, with tales of knitting and drumming!
* Anna a very talented milliner - just take a look at her wonderful hats!
* Silver Pebble a talented maker of beautiful silver jewelry.
Well - that's taken me longer than I thought! Who'd have thought I had so much to say!
I just wanted to show you what I'd been up to this week.
I was rooting in my cupboards for something and came across these little Christmassy tea towels ( I must have put them away last spring) Well! I thought - about time you came out, it coming up to Christmas an all.

I so liked the little Robins - I thought they would make nice little brooches, so I had a go whilst I sat watching TV.

I simply traced them onto a piece of white felt and embroidered them. Backed them with another piece of felt - stuffed them a little with little waste offcuts of felt. and sewed a pin on the back.

Bright and breezy little chaps to brighten a winter jumper - or bag or whatever!

How do you fill your time these long cold Winter nights? I do find them hard - I'm not a big TV watcher, but its getting too cold to move from the fireside!
Bye for now xx Take care!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Wrapping Paper Giveaway and Weekends Treasure Finds!

Hello there! Yes, its Monday again - the weekends are just not long enough!
I hate Mondays - its cleaning up day from the weekend, I tend to do nothing much in the way of housework Sat and Sunday - so the house is in a real old state by Monday!
And the days seem so short - it gets dark so early - that's enough moaning! Tuesday tomorrow - and Car Boot Sale day!!! Another Treasure hunt Day!
As I promised I put all the names of the people who had commented on the Christmas Wrapping Paper post, in a hat - and the winner is Da Da!!!
Gill from That British Woman
- a great blog, Gill as no doubt you have gathered is a Brit living in Canada - in a wonderful old house that she and her hubby are renovating - go on have a peek!

I have gathered a little selection together, and shall pop it in the post for her.

This weekends finds - not too much, it is so cold, I think anyone who stands deserves a medal!
I found a nice little case, its actually a green colour. Sorry the photos are not up to much, the light is dreadful today! I will use the case to store fabric and sewing -y things.

And some pretty little crotchet gloves - very Bronte sisters!

I think they are so pretty, I bought 3 pairs, unfortunately only one pair really fit me well, so I think the other two may go on ebay - I might just get some pennies back, to go a' Treasure
Hunting again!

Here I am, all set to go off for Afternoon Tea - just need a dashing young Mr Darcy to escort me!! And i do so like cake -'Tis my one weakness!'
xx Take care xx bye for now xx

Friday, 6 November 2009

Just a Few Pretty, Interesting Things!

Hello there! Just a few quick words and pic's before the weekend!
You all must have twigged by now that I just love collecting the old and the interesting - no mouldy old coat or piece of fabric passes me by without me having a good look and a poke about!
Although living in a very tiny cottage I do like to have little areas to display my finds, and change them around as and when I find new things - helps me feed my creative mind - keeps it lively!! Goodness knows - I don't want to turn onto an old fuddy duddy, just moaning about my arthritic knees!!
This is just a little corner in my bedroom.
On to new finds - Well! Just the most Darling' thing!
A turn of the Century Wedding Dress!! ( I think!)

Unfortunately the photos are not too good - it is raining 'cats and dogs' here today - as they say. I just nipped outside with it, when the rain stopped for a short while, better light you see - than in the house.

Anyway - the Wedding Dress! I saw it at the carboot sale, one of the regular dealers had it, its not the kind of thing he usually has - it was just hung up on the side of a shelving unit - in a kind of haphazard way. I admired it for a couple of weeks, it was a lot of money for me to spend - just on a whim!
Then Dearest Hubby P! - probably sick of keep going back to look at the dress, he bought it for me. 'Well' he said 'Its not like you had a posh frock when we got married' - which was true, it was a very quiet affair at a Register Office.
It is a lovely thing - I think its turn of the century - but I'm no expert - anyone know about this sort of thing?

As you can see it has the prettiest headdress and veil.

It is a tiny size - women were so very slim then.

The sleeves are just exquisite, it has been put together wonderfully, a most accomplished needlewoman.

This veil is so pretty, so delicate, gives such a romantic feel to the whole ensemble.
I have bought one of those half body mannequins to display the dress on the wall of my bedroom - such a beautiful piece of textile art, it deserves to be show and admired rather than be stuck in a box in someones attic!
A few weeks ago I came across this! No, I didn't know what it was at first - just looked like long strips of a kind of felt like fabric - with a 'Church-y' feel to it. Anyway - it being interesting, and only £1 a strip, you know me, I bought it. There was also a long red velvet, thin cushion - I recognised this as being the sort of cushions (if you are lucky) you get on church pews.
I bought the whole lot for £7! - not that I knew what I was going to do with it! but it was just so unusual!

I folded the cushion in half and put it on the window sill - its very deep, more like a window seat, but made of slate so very cold!

As you can see Charlie cat has made it his own!

As for the felt strips we decided they were the edging, a sort of carpet, that is put around the edges of the pews and other church furniture. The pieces were joined to go around the corners of the rows of pews and whatnot - interesting!?

So what did i do with it - I put it up around my wall, butting up against the ceiling, just to show it off really - again, a piece of textile art ( my new word!).
I quite like the way it looks - it gives a kind of warmth to the room.
I like to think that maybe - just maybe, all those years living in a church absorbing the peace and sanctity of the place - the maybe some of that 'spirit' is brought into our home. Who knows!!

The felt trim looks so rich and red with the Autumn sun shining in through the window!

If only it could talk!
Take care now, and have a good weekend - don't forget to leave a comment on the last post if you fancy a chance of winning the Christmas Paper!
xx bye for now xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

Christmas is a commin!! Fancy a Christmas treat??

Hello there! Hope you all had a nice 'scary' sort of weekend!!
My shower curtain was 'borrowed' by my Niece's to help dress the house for Halloween - I don't think I want it back! We all had a nice time at the 'Scary party' - lots of 'blood' to drink and chopped off fingers in the salted peanuts!!

And on to Treasure Hunting !!
A wet and windy weekend - but we braved the weather - and how lucky was I!

I found heaps and heaps of Vintage Wrapping paper! And at an obscenely thrifty price - such a buy I can't tell you. I think the lady was just glad to 'move it on'. You know what they say about 'One Mans Rubbish .....!

Its Ohhh so cute! Just feeling it - its a lot thinner than the sort produced today, and the colours are more muted, it brought so many memories of happy childhood Christmas time.

I feel myself so fortunate to have and to hold these treasures of my - or should I say our childhood days, so I would like to share some with you.
We'll have another giveaway - leave me a comment about a your Christmas as a child, and next Monday I will put names in a hat (or something!) - and who ever wins can have a little pack of Vintagey Christmas Paper! Hows that? You up for that?
I've so much I have put some on Ebay - I hope to get some pennies back, and funds will help buy bits to fill the childrens stockings - ready to send to Father Christmas of course!
Every Christmas I try and make a little something for the younger members of the family, just a little keepsake, a bit of Christmassay nonsense to hang on the tree, or put in the stocking.
With the C season on the horizon I thought I should make a start.
I saw something like these little Rudolph type creatures in an expensive homeware shop, I couldn't afford their prices so I came home and put together something similar.

Its nice to get out that special Christmassey fabric from your stash, and play about with buttons (of which I have a few!) and trims!
The 'Dolphs' are really just a squishy soft toy, not too big, nice for little hands to cuddle! They are full of mischief - you can see it in their eyes!!

This one escaped ~ here he is playing hide and seek amongst my Amethyst geodes!!

Woody Dolph! ~ escaped to the garden to play amongst the branches of the trees.
Lets hope the little ones enjoy them as much as I have making them! What is it about making/crafting/sewing ~ if you don't do it, how can you describe the buzz you get to someone who is not at all crafty! ~ Funny thing life! People! ~ good job we are not all the same, life would be boring!
Got to go ~ got to go and do ironing ~ I know! Ironing! Yukkkkk !
xx Bye for now! xx Take care! xx