Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Socks and Jam .... Thrifty Snippets!

Hope you are all well .... how's your Thrifting going?

What news? .... any bargains this week? .... who's stashed what away in their pantry or freezer for the coming winter.
I do love to hear what you're up to .. and its important to share our ideas and money saving tips...

My bargain of the week ...... socks!

I was down to a few washed out and oddly matched pairs.... goodness knows when I last bought some, so I was pleased I spotted these....

At the carboot sale (where else!).... the Chap was clearing his stock, packing up for the winter maybe...
I was attracted to the lacy bit around the top .... bit like little girls socks but obviously in adult sizes, bit girly girly maybe for me.... but pretty, and at least (fingers crossed/hopefully) when Hubby P and/or Richard is sorting the laundry they will know they are my socks. I think bras are the only thing for sure that don't get mixed up as to the ownership of ..... I could tell you a tale about my panties and Hubby P .... but I wont... I will spare his blushes!

Anyway back to the socks ... mostly cotton, pretty, three pairs to a pack..... 4 packs for £1!
So .... less than 10p a pair.

And they are real comfy!
I mostly wear boots so a bit of lace peeking out just adds a bit of a pretty touch... whatch think?

Apples .... still trying to get through the apples!

Chopped a load... stewed them and put them through a jelly bag.

Added some sugar and boiled to make some Apple Jelly.... I found a nice handful of this fresh mint.....
So I chopped it small and added to the jelly....stirring well, just before I put it into the jars.

Nice Apple Mint Jelly!

I think maybe I over did the mint .... looks a bit... well full of mint, but I'm sure it will taste just fine.

Take care for now x