Saturday, 31 January 2009


Just a quick little Thank you ~ well a what I mean is a BIG Thank you, but short, late night Blog!

Some of you Girls have been so kind as to give me these Awards. I know I am so lazy about doing anything with them (still not too confident with the old cut/paste or whatever!).

Anyway, it seems most of the people I 'follow' would qualify for these awards, I am always amazed at the interesting things they post. How could I choose between you you all, to pass them on!

So Big Big Thanks to :-

Tracy - Craftyscraps for this delightful Pink creation of an Award!

And Many many thanks to Elaine - Bloomin' Myrtle

There are a few nice words that go with this, but I still can't manage to transfer them over to here! - hopeless! I know, I need some more lessons!
But you could just pop along to Elaine's blog - a nice gentle read, from a dear gentle woman. One I considerto be a dear friend, although we haven't met - blogging is such a wonderful way of making friendships - a way of reaching out!

Getting ready for some sleep now - catch you all later!

Monday, 26 January 2009


Look what greeted me this morning!
Pretty, pretty snowdrops!
Last Autumn I had lots of unidentifiable loose bulbs, that I had dug up whilst moving plants around, and generally messing around with the planting.
So I potted them all up, in various spare pots, and stood them down by the side of the shed. All the little shoots are showing now, soon I will move the pots to the side of the path and around the door. Some nice fresh Spring flowers to brighten our days!

I do so love, snowdrops. My bridesmaids carried them, and I had snowdrops on my Wedding dress fabric - this was the first time around, when I had the whole shee-bang! Big white Wedding an all, sadly it didn't last, but I have two wonderful boys from the marriage, and sad as it was, I still think kindly of my ex-husband!
As you all know, I now have the wonderful/solid as a rock/too good to me to be true - Hubby P.
We get on great - so all turned out well in the end, and now I have 4 sons!

Think I am all maudlin because its around this time I was first married and snowdrops, well they just remind me!

Back to jollier things!!!!
Look what we have - some new little souls to join the Allsorts Household!

Not all got names yet, although the white one with back eyes is called Dusty (Dusty Springfield!), we will watch and their names will come to us!

These little pictures I found in the Charity shop on Saturday, the weather was so bad, all we did was have a mooch around the Charity shops. I do hope we have an early Spring!

I like their sweet innocence!

And here' s one of our Girls - a striking pose!
A Chicken for Gary - hope you are feeling better! Lots a love xxx
Got to go - steak for Tea (Yellow label, from the reduced shelf at Somerfields!!!)
Ta ta for now xx

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

An Afternoon with Engelbert Humperdink!

Just got in from the Car Boot Sale ~ Wow! lots of goodies today ~ just had to share this with you!
I am having an Afternoon of Engelbert and the Stylistics (the best of!)~ only 50p each!
Ooh --- do you remember Engelbert? He had his own show on TV ~ and what he did to my heart as a young girl!
I thought he was Sooooo wonderful!
The perfect lover ~ truth is he was probably a total Rat! Real lounge Lizard material!
Don't know that my choice in men changed much for a good while ~ until I met Hubby P ~ he's more grisly Joe Cocker than Engelbert! (not that he can sing -shame!)
And I found the stylistics - wonderful!
On the 20p table - something to read!
Its very old and battered, but full of wonderful 'Advice' on all subjects, a 'must' for all young Women wanting to be a success in all things!

I can just see me doing this! ~ don't thing I even have the right sort of frock!

This is more me ~ housework and more housework!

The photo's and illustrations are just wonderful!

'Every Woman's Home'?
How things have changed ~ it could well be on a different planet, its so different from the average home today.
Although I would kill to have a go in that kitchen!

Anyway that's all for now ~ back to Eng' and this fascinating book!

Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Is Spring Around The Corner!!

Isn't this a cheery sight!
One of my baby Orchids bravely putting out a perfect little flower.
And looking a little closer down by the side of the shed, my pots are beginning to shoot - dare we
hope Spring is around the corner!

One of the best Presents ever, this Christmas!

Take a load of this ---

Give it a good old soaking in water for a couple of days ---

Fill this little machine-y thing with the paper pulp -----

And - hay presto! - you get one of these paper logs/briquettes to burn on the fire!
How cool is that!

Obviously they have to dry out first - here I have them on top of the wood burner drying out. I suppose summer would be the best time to make them, and dry them off in the greenhouse.
Its a great evening activity - whilst watching T.V. - sit shredding old newspapers and all those nasty bills that come through the letter box! Hubby P is thrilled !? another activity to keep him busy! - after all we don't want him to be bored!?!!

Have you got February's Country Living? loads of loveliness as usual, and Marmalade! It all sounds so scrummy, I just had to make some - I have just done the chopping up bit, I will leave it to soak overnight and boil it up tomorrow - Yummy, I just love Marmalade!
Too much Paddington Bear when I was a child!

Take care x Ta ta for now xxx

Friday, 9 January 2009


Hi there ~ sorry its been so long! I bet you thought I'd fallen off the edge of the Blog world!
Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year/ Holiday and what not ~ seems a long time ago now.
Just a short post, sort of random ~ Hubby p has uploaded my photos I had for you, and goodness only knows where he has put them ~ I have searched this computer!
So here's a sunny one! ~ remember that Sunshine stuff! And the garden all lush and green.
Did Santa bring some nice goodies? This was one of my rather nice gifts ~ fancy Hubby P knowing I needed a Hatpin stand and Hatpins! This is a Vintage one from Woolworths, a double whammy ~ Vintage and Woolworths , poor Woolies been and gone, but it makes my Hatstand that extra bit special. Indeed, poor Woolies, I think we all have fond memories of spending our pocket money in Woolies on a Saturday!

We went to the Household and Collectables Auction yesterday, great excitement as usual! There was lots of lovely things, unfortunately the Vintage clothes I was interested in went far above the pennies in my pocket. I bought a nice box full of Vintage sherry glasses ( I could just not get a good photo of these) and whatnot, and as usual the Lot included a whole load of Table linen ~ just take a look at this!

It simply screams 1960/70s! with its bright pink geometric pattern! Its even brighter pink than on the photo. Its a tablecloth but would make a great hanging.
I have put this and some others on Ebay ~ to re-home. I am determined not to hoard stuff this year, looking through my cupboards earlier this week, I found stuff that I hadn't looked at for months! That and get my Credit cards paid right down - and fingers crossed paid off! So the not hording, selling on Ebay and reduction of Credit cards goes hand in hand. Wish me luck ~ its so hard not buying all those lovely linens and bits and bobs, just to 'have' them.

Found these too, stashed among the linen, ~ do you remember your Mum buying Scotchbright? It was the most innovative thing in the kitchen - no dishwashers then!

That's all for now time for Tea! Ta Ta for now xxx