Thursday, 20 May 2010

Geoffrey Update and Treasure Transformations!

Evening all - hope you all had a nice day, are you ready for the Heatwave?
We will all be moaning about the heat next!
Just a little Geoffrey Update - Hubby P managed to get some good pic's of them this evening.

just smellin' the flowers!

Havin a nibble of something tasty!

Just chillin on the fence!
The Geoffrey family seem to be doing just fine, its hard to say how many there are of them - funnily enough there is a great resemblance amongst them, indeed! - they all look the same! I think Dad is still a touch bigger - and friendlier.
Anyway you will be glad to know, all is well in the Geoffrey household, and its costing me a small fortune in peanuts and Nairns Organic Oatcakes - simply a must for their supper!
This weeks carboot Treasure - a dinky little set of drawers, a bit battered and shabby - but delightfully so.
Now I've been wanting to replace the large chest of drawers in our bedroom, its a bit too big and to be honest it just holds a lot of - well - junk really. The sort of stuff I buy on a whim - would I ever really wear pink popsocks! And I know for a fact that there are a pair of swimming trunks circa 1980 in Hubby P's drawer - I've seen him wear them once - when we took the children on holiday to a Holiday Camp. Its the only time I've seen him in the water - not a natural environment for Hubby P - and it must be said Swimming trunks are not a look he 'Carry's well', so they can go.
So I was pleased to find this little chest - it just needed a little work - a little magic - a bit of a Vicky transformation.
It was sunshining to day so I set to with the paint.

Gave it a good sand down.
And a good few coats of paint - to match the four poster bed we bought a few months ago - I want light coloured furniture because the room is naturally dark with having the small cottage window set in deep walls.
I gave the draw fronts a little added interest with a decoupage of vintage-y papers.

Everything dried really well, and quickly with the nice sunshine!

I greased the runners of the draws with beeswax to help them slide in and out easily - there is nothing worse than draws which stick.

Quite happy with the result - just got to empty and declutter the original chest - throw the trunks - and who knows what other 'originals' he has hidden away amongst his 'smalls'!
Then I can install the new set and maybe there will be room 'to swing a cat' in the bedroom!

Busy in the garden - I sent for some winter veg seedlings/plugs (this was before the miracle of the greenhouse) - just got them off ebay - wonderful ebay, purveyor of just about everything!
I sent for some interesting red coloured Brussels sprouts and red/purple coloured kale - not that I have mentioned the word 'kale' to Hubby P, it may have to be disguised in some exotic dish - I have a feeling he may think of it as on a par with eating nettles.

Now because I insist on growing only pretty things, I don't have veg beds as such - I grow bits and bobs amongst my flowers - so the winter veg (to be spoken of as such - not the K word) is in the garden bed outside the kitchen window. Hopefully I can keep an eye on it - try and prevent the little plants being eaten by slugs, snails and hungry caterpillars!

And it should give some pretty winter colour.

This rhubarb is amongst the plants too - It really is ready to be made into something deliciously pudding-y!
xxx That's all for now xxx Take care xxx