Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hello! Just some odd bits and bobs!

Hello there!
Hope you've all had a good week - despite the rain and grey skies! Did you have rain? If you didn't and its been gloriously sunny - I don't want to know!
Not much to show you today - my trusty camera has gone and died on me. I think its dead and gone for good - time for a new one! So although I have some nice bits from the car boot, I can't show them to you - sorry!
Although before it died I managed to get a pic of this darling little cupboard that I found yesterday at the carboot sale. I had to almost wrestle it off another guy, who was busy trying to impress me by telling me he was a dealer, but a few soft words and flutter of the eyelashes won the day!
So I brought it home, gave it a wash, and filled it with the everyday kinda things a girl needs - mostly make up, perfume, hair brushes and whatnot. Essentials! - I could never live in the jungle without a bit of lippy!
It has little indentations on the top, I thought perhaps they were for holding a tray - glass or maybe mirrored. Quite French looking I thought. Pretty!

Because of the lack of new pic's - here are some oldies, some of my favorite things!




Food! - a guilty one I'm afraid!


Dixie - my little Morris!
Well that's got to be it for now - take care x