Thursday, 29 January 2015

A No Snow Day .. Playing With Fabric...

Hello there ..
Well a few flurries .. but otherwise a No Snow day here..

 I imagine a lot of you have been stuck indoors .. tis a bit grim this weather !

I haven't ventured far .. Hubby P has gone to look at some work stuff .. 
he's a sucker for the chance to root about in someones attic.

I stayed by the fire and sorted some fabric .. we cleared a lady's house the other week .. she is downsizing ..
a bit like some of us .. she liked fabric.
I now have boxes of the stuff stacked around .. I need to sort them .. price them and move them on .. before I become swamped by them.

So .. seeing we are all a bit bored and looking for diversions .. here are some pretty fabric pic's..

Oh .. and a nice blanket .. tucked amongst the fabric..

  Look ... pretty label ..
The blanket was made in Holland .. I thought that was unusual .. not had one from Holland before.

 This is a nice new .. unused length .. I thought it had a bit of a Jacobean look to it.

 And this is so pretty .. its a really fine soft cotton  .. make a lovely summery blouse.

Remember summer ?

I've got a yen to make some pretty peg bags for summer .. 
they seem to sell well .. but I darn't start sewing until I've reduced the fabric mountain ..
but its all a bit boring .. ironing fabric..

I've been good and bunged a few bits on eBay .. 
if we are not out actively selling we have to do a little something that is kinda work based .. and I sold something today .. 
so all is well.

 I will go back to the fabric mountain now .. 'dashing away with the smoothing iron'