Thursday, 21 March 2013

Just a Little More of The Birdies...

Hello there ...
 thank you for all the comments and general interest in the last blog ... its nice to know I'm not just talking to myself ...

I just thought you might like to see the rest of the Corvine pic's.

Thanks to Manic Mosaics ... I didn't know they use to use cyanide in taxidermy .... this little collection is fairly modern .. bought in recent years at Game Fairs. However we have had a number of pieces of Victorian taxidermy .. I will be extra careful when handling them in future. 

One for sorrow ... two for joy .... three for a girl ... and four for a boy ... five for silver .. six for gold .. and seven for a secret never to be told ...

You know I still sing this to myself whenever a see a group of Magpies .... forever the little girl!  

 A Train of Jackdaws ... I wonder why a Train?

And a Murder of Crows ... ?

Well ... lets hope we can find new homes for them.

The Squirrel Family asked about the bunny moulds .... they were just cheap and cheerful buys from good old eBay.... I think you can get almost anything from eBay these days ... maybe its just too easy and we are guilty of not trying hard enough to support our local shops.
I promise to try harder with the shopping thing ... although in this neck of the woods it would be hard to find small independent shops selling such things as bunny moulds... ahh ...such is life 
... never easy.

Enough waffle from me ...x