Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Little Emporium! and Allsorts!

Sorry its been a while! I feel I have neglected you woefully!!
Even my Sister rang me to see if I was still alive - thinking - no blog - something must be amiss!
Well all is fine here, just busy busy!

These trusty boots have become Standard Carboot Issue! As you can see it was a bit muddy today - after the 'monsoon' that was Friday - the rain just never stopped all day.
We have been doing as many car boot sales as we can - boy have we got some stuff packed away! I've turned out all those nooks and crannies - bottoms of wardrobes, backs of cupboards, its amazing what I've found!

So here we are all packed ready to go!
Hubby P has become an expert packer, this little van can hold so much.

We pack everything in suitcases ( well we do have one or two suitcases here) - then we or rather Hubby P - simply lifts them out of the van, arranges them on the grass and opens them up. We can spread the contents out a bit - putting items in/on the lid. It seems to work quite well and people like to look at the old suitcases.

I found myself a nice old shabby vase/plant container. Here it is waiting for a suitable, pretty plant or something. I had to rather smuggle it home - as Hubby P keeps reminding me, we are supposed to be selling things to a make home less cluttered and easier to manage - can't see it happening myself - 'My name is Vicky and I'm a car boot Addict' !!!
Talking of clutter - a REALLY exciting little project - I've got myself 'A Little Emporium'!
We have 'taken' as they say, a storage -big - storage container - mostly to store all the stuff/er Vintage Collectables we had stacked in the house. The containers have been installed in the lockable/secure grounds of the carboot sale premises - so not only is it ideal storage, but on carboot sale days we can open up the doors and sell from it.

But what a job sorting it all out - mind you it will be fun - its like playing shop!
It has been taking up a lot of our time - and its still not just as I would like it - well frankly its a tip - stuff everywhere! No doubt we will get it sorted soon.

Its always nice to meet like-minded people - and if we can make it welcoming
hopefully they will come and browse.
Only this weekend we were talking to a couple who did WW2 re-enactments, they were looking for items they could use, items of Uniform and Vintage dress. It all sounded so interesting - its amazing the lives people lead.

And of course no self respecting Emporium would be complete without a touch of Bunting!
More photos when its a bit more organised!
On the Home Front!
The apples keep falling off the tree - its a huge crop, I can see us looking like an apple this winter - we will have so many to eat!
Still - An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor at Away!!

They are always good to put in the jams, jellies and chutneys.

Friends and family keep dropping off fruit and veg - it seems every ones garden is producing lots of lovely goodies - just need to make the time to 'deal' with it all. I do need to make some Jumble Jelly - its what one of my American friends calls mixed fruit jam - isn't it such a cute name!?
Surprisingly we are on our last jar - we must eat it by the ton.
All this standing out in a blustery - er - somewhat cold and wet fields - requires hearty carbooting food!

We've just eaten 'hearty' pie (made with all the nice veg a friend left on the doorstep - fresh from the allotment), and a coffee and walnut cake, made with nice fresh eggs from our chickens.
Don't look at the burnt bit on top of the cake - it was going to be iced - but needs must - I couldn't wait/was too tired to mess with the icing!
I just don't want to get the 'Hearty' ruddy cheeks that seem to be the 'look' of outdoors-y people - I'm hardly fragile and waif like as it is, Yes -I can definitely do without the ruddy cheeks!
Enough nonsense!
xxx Must be time for bed! xxx Take care for now xxxx