Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Thats It ! ... I've Had Enough ! .. I've Decided That Spring Is Here ....!

 Hello there ... 
Its been a lovely sunshiny day here ... and all in the garden is blooming its little socks off ..

.. and the sunshine .. streaming in through the windows ...
is showing all the dust!

 Well ... I made an attempt at the dusting .. but today all seemed dark and dull with the heavy winter curtains still up at the 'rather small' cottage windows.
So .. I made an 'executive decision' ...and decided that this sunshine was the beginning of Spring .. 
thus.. Spring Had Come ..
Out came the summer curtains ...

I had a bit of a wipe around the windows .. removed the dead spiders and whatnot .. we're not big on housework in this household ..

 I gave the heavy velvet winter curtains a jolly good brush and hung them over the slate fence to air.
They are old cotton velvet ... they don't lend themselves to repeated washing .. so a good stiff brush usually brings them up. 
Mind you I noticed they are showing signs of wear and fading .. getting past their best .. so I will keep an eye out for something to replace them with .. perhaps a warmer colour for a change .. a nice rich red velvet might be nice.

Later I put them away in their box .. well labelled .. then I can find them when the evenings lengthen and the weather cools... and again we slide into winter.

 But for now .. fingers crossed .. we are heading to warmer weather ..
 sunshine and long days in the garden..

My light lacy curtains have been blowing in the breeze and it was wonderful to get some of that Spring air into the cottage.

 Hubby P had rather a 'blue' day ... 
he was doing his make do and mend .. repairing and recycling/upcycling and whatnot ..
 and he had the blue paint pot out.

And yes .. 
I managed to get one of the big quilts washed and on the line.
Tis my Birthday quilt .. bought for my 50th by my lovely fairy Godmother x

And it was a bit Handbags and Glad rags for me  .. 
I polished up a few handbags .. not the best quality  but someone will enjoy them ..
 cheap and cheerful vintage...
And a little collection of silk handkerchiefs..
they just needed a gentle freshen up and a warm iron.

The Teachers is for later .. my bad chest you know!

Is it Spring like with you ? .. I do hope I've not tempted fate .... lets hope the sunshine wants to stay and play.

Bye for now x