Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yes We Have More Bananas .....We Have More Bananas today ... boom boom!!

 Hello there.... sorry its been a while .... we have just been so busy .... with family 'stuff' ... life ...and that never ending 'work stuff'.

So not a lot to show you really....but today's frugal bargains... 
and Yes! 
You guessed it ... it includes Bananas! 

 I think I shall soon start to look like a banana.

But I am always very glad to make use of something rather than see it go to waste .... so when Colin the veg says ... I have a little something for you ..... whats a girl to do but smile sweetly and say 'Thankyou very much'.

So more bananas it is .....

 Who remembers this from School Dinners .... Yummy ...
Manchester Tart
Another dressed up banana affair .... what a treat for pudding tonight.

Now just look at these scrummy Damsons .... all the way from the Vale of Evesham ..... we have not a one on the trees around here ... terrible year for fruit.
I was getting quite desperate for fruit for jam ... even the blackberries are very poor ... and to be honest I just haven't had the time to go out picking.
I wouldn't as a rule buy fruit for jamming ...makes the jam too expensive .... but I got these for a real bargain price and of course.... a share of the jam goes to Colin the veg.
So that's tomorrows job.....just hope I have enough jars ... 

Not much happening on the sewing front ... again time is the problem. But I did pick up some rather nice vintage towelling curtains from Rosy's stall at the car boot ..... lovely and bright and ...well ....vintage-y.
I just love this towelling for tea towels ....so I unpicked all the hems and  chopped each one (there were two) into four tea towels.


As you can see there was a pretty blue one and a funky orange one.
 I sat and hemmed them by hand as I caught up with your blogs ... 

I love a bit of bright colour in the kitchen ... something nice to look at whilst I do the hum drum washing up and whatnot. 

I thought I might have a bit of a .. Thrifty Snippets Giveaway...
who would like a cheery funky orange tea towel from the vintage towelling curtains, or perhaps you would prefer a pretty blue one.

Leave me a bit of a comment on your thrifty thoughts and/or doings and I will pull a name out of a ... well... out of a something... next Tuesday (18th Sept)....don't forget to mention orange or blue.

Just thought a bit of a Giveaway would cheer us up ... bit of fun ... this cold windy, rainy weather we are having here on Anglesey is no fun ... me thinks winter is on its way.

Bye for now xxx take care xxx