Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Oh' to be Fashioable for once!

Just a couple of pics of the pretty little tablecloth I picked up at the carboot sale yesterday. Its immaculate - must have sat in someones drawer, only used for 'best' occasionally!
Sharie from View to the Hill asked for a pic or two of the cloth, she's another of us,that can't walk past a pretty bargain!
The work on the cloth is amazing. Its a square cloth, but difficult to get a good photo of all of it - I had it on the washing line,but it was blowing so furiously a photo was impossible!

And I found this inside a magazine - Times supplement I think. I just had to show you - it seems all of us thrifty - wont throw any scraps away - unpicking and saving lovely old vintage fabrics - Well! we are the height of fashion!
'Everything comes around' as my Grannie use to say!

I should have photographed the whole article really - but basically its saying 'who has the time to make like Martha Stewart and hunt down the darlingest swatches of fabric' - to make your patchwork quilt.
It suggests you cheat by buying and I quote 'Worn and Washed reclaimed fabrics' sourced from charity shops, laundered and cut to size - Liberty is offering colour co-ordinated swatches of fabric in bundles. Small size £32.50 and large £69.95!? (It doesn't say how many in a bundle!)
I tell you it made me look again at my box of fabric scraps!

So today I spent another couple of hours sorting through the boxes of fabric and putting together fat quarter sized pieces to go on ebay - I would be happy with a fraction of Liberty's prices!

~~~ xxx ~~~

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dixie Has Arrived!

Hi everyone!
What happened to the sunshine? It was glorious last week - we got the deckchairs out - and everything!!
Well! - She's here! She's arrived! my ever-so special car!
She was produced the same year as I - 1962, although Hubby P says her bodywork is a touch better than mine! Huh cheek of the man - I put it down to jealously - I will only let him drive her 1 day a week (to fill her up with petrol!).

As you can see she has been so nicely kept, shes a treat to drive, just bumbling along the country lanes. You are sat quite high up so visibility is great. Its so nice to see other people smile as we pass - nice to brighten their day.
And its a Red Hot Man magnet - ideal for picking up stray men in supermarket car parks! It must be said they are usually of a certain age and are attracted by the car, and we have to stand in the freezing cold whilst they reminisce - the cars they had! Ah the good old days!

One little old lady told us she had had her first kiss in the back of a similar car! how romantic is that!

Just an inside shot, for those of you that are 'car minded'- its a 1962 Morris Minor 2 door, for those of you who haven't a clue what I am on about.
By the way she's called Dixie!

Of course it goes without saying, One must wear a Hat whilst driving her!

Another exciting find!
I was just tidying the garden last week - when it was sunny and warm, just wandering along with my shears trimming back the dead foliage , and just moved this chair to trim behind it when - look what I saw!

Cute little nest with five eggs, tucked into a crevice in the natural rock which backs the garden. I withdrew hastily and waited to see whose it was.

Mum returned shortly and settled down, I even managed to get this sneaky shot of her.

And to think we had been sat just by her all day. I just hope our cat remains as uninterested in her and other birds - hes never really been one for bothering them. Fingers crossed she manages to rear her little brood!
Its Tuesday - so that means carboot day. Just a few pics of what I found today, not a lot mind, few pickings today.

Some nice little Vintage perfumes and Ponds creams - remember Ponds? it reminds me of my Grannie - especially when I unscrewed the lid and had a sniff!
I thought the old sunglasses were pretty spectacular too! - need to be worn with a headscarf - film star fashion!

I found another clothes maiden - a lot smaller than the one I bought the other week, I thought it would stand inside the inglenook to dry smalls.
The old pretty floral bag - well, I don't know now I have it home - how many bags does a girl need? May end up on ebay. Bought some pretty vintage underslips too - cos they were pretty! why else! And yet again another white cutwork and embroidery tablecloth!
I do enjoy Tuesday carboot - lots of the 'have a rummage' boxes, and usually really good prices - think I spent all of £7 today. And we had Lunch out - can't be bad!

xx Take care - enjoy what sunshine there is! xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh Sunny Days!

Oh what lovely sunny days we've been having - fair cheers a girl up!
All the little flowers dancing in the gentle breeze!
And its so nice to dry the washing outdoors in the warm fresh sunshine!

This was my 'find' at Tuesdays carboot sale.

We have needed a new Post/mail box for ages,the old wooden one was damp and falling to bits - bit of an embarrassment really. I had been looking at these American Mail boxes on ebay, but with postage costs they were quite expensive. My reasoning was that a metal box would last a bit longer - and I like the shape!

Anyway, as my Gran use to say ' Everything comes to She who waits'! and as sure as eggs is eggs - there sat an American style mail box at the carboot sale, mine for £5. Just the job!

It needed a coat of paint, and then armed with our new wizzy electric screwdriver thingy - I set it in place.

I found an old metal bread bin, gave it a lick of paint, and set that in place, outside the gate - all ready for Ken the milk man! I find I need a box like thing for the milk, then the empty bottles don't roll about the place.

All nice and spruce, ready for a long sunny summer! fingers crossed! xx

Monday, 16 March 2009

Ooooh Matron!

The sun is shining, I am feeling brighter - and just to speed my recovery, a nice little gifty parcel from Twiggy! How thoughtful is that, and the card is just so Me! I have been overwhelmed by all you nice get well comments, what have I done to be blessed by such kindly friends!
Such goodies from Twiggy - lots of crafting goodliness and sweeties - the sweeties didn't even make it onto the photo! they made me feel Loads! better!!!

I have decided I quite like yellow - its so fresh, bright and breezy! Lots of it about too at the moment.
Just look at these pretty nodding daffs making such a show of themselves!

First day out on Saturday ( feeling better, and a bit stir crazy!), Hubby P took me to an indoor carboot sale - just for a look you understand - silly man! I'm never too ill to spot a bargain, I can't pass an intriguing Vintage-y item!
Just look what we found! An original Red Cross Nursing screen - just like they have on The Royal, or Carry On Doctor!
Hubby P keeps leering round it crying 'Ooooh Matron!' Who remembers the delightful Hatti Jakes as Matron, and a delightful Barbara Winsor in the Carry On films.

A friend of ours had bought a Red Cross trailer (a kind of portable field hospital/assessment rooms - thingy!) and these screens were in it, plus all the old bandages and whatnot. I did buy it for a purpose - I have altered part of the house to make a kind of quiet corner, with an old metal framed bed and lots of comfy cushions - its an ideal restful/reading corner, plus its extra space for visitors to stay. Well I had planned to have a large curtain to draw to make it a more intimate space - then I saw the screen!

The screen came with very tatty fabric drapes, which I took off carefully and washed, it is a quite pretty, faded print - maybe I can do something with it - hate to waste anything!
I found this pretty orange floral fabric in one of my boxes, I think it as originally an old vintage sheet - pretty I thought! And vintage looking enough to suit me!

I have got one screen panel done - there are four in all, hopefully it will all look ok.
Richard and I curled up behind it the other night, chatting and being cosy - it reminded me of Story Corner at Playgroup, that same cosy safe little world. Hubby P said he thought we were being very silly - and up to no good!

We had a ride out on Sunday too - some exciting news - maybe about a new car! Wont say a lot yet - don't want to jinx it! Hubby P has been to have a test drive (that means him taking it round the corner and virtually taking it to bits/checking it over!) today.
Suffice to say - Its a good enough reason for a new hat - or two!

Just couldn't walk past these two little gems - from the 1930/40's, and in such good condition - wearable condition! Just need a nice car now to set them off!
Ta ta for now, take care xxx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Closest Companions!!!

Oh Poorly Me!
Yes! I have been struck down by this awful virus thing! - these have indeed been my closest companions!
I wouldn't dream of drinking whisky in a social sense - (Brandy, Gin, Sherry or whatever - indeed - bring it on, but I'm not a Whisky drinker!) But as soon as I feel flu-ey I reach for the whisky, honey and lemon - hot toddies. They seem to work or me - either that or I am too 'tiddly' to much care!
So sorry for my absence - just haven't been up to it - think I am on the mend now.
I put my coat on and had a wander in the garden today - how things are coming on!

The front of the cottage is looking a bit brighter with the cheery daffodils.

Even one or two tulips are beginning to show themselves.

I just love these tiny dainty little daffs - you can almost see the little fairies dancing amongst them!

Even the newly emerged rhubarb looked quietly stunning, showing off its bright scarlet stems!

I have had lots of time to sit - huddled over a hot toddy! watching the birds.
This one's a cheeky monkey, well - Starling really. He pinches all the little ones feed if we don't watch him!

We call this little one Hector - its a long story!
He seems to be more or less a permanent guest.

These little Long Tailed Tits flew in the other day - they remain in family groups, there are 6 of them, but of course trying to get a photo of all six on the feeder - neigh on impossible! Although Hubby P did try - he has so much more patience than me!
Time for another hot toddy! Bye for now xxxx