Thursday, 24 April 2008


Lucky, lucky Me! A lovely Award from Twiggy, at The World of Twiggypeasticks - Thank you so much!
Its nice to know there are those of you who read - and enjoy? my witterings.
I think I can now pass this on to others with interesting Blogs that brighten my day! There are so many - I will have a think and get back to you on that.
Anyone else get a huge shock when they got to the supermarket checkout this week? The cost of my weekly shop must of gone up by nearly £8!
Time to take stock I thought - get into the thrifty mindset of my Gran, and all she taught me. Nothing is new - what goes around comes around. I can remember when food was relatively expensive - a large portion of the weekly wage went on food - chicken was a luxury, a weekend roast ( and you used every scrap!).
I do think this is only the beginning and prices are going to go up and up. News in the paper says the US is rationing rice to the wholesale merchants, whats next!
Needless to say I thought I ought to go through my cupboards and be more organised with this whole food/meals thing - I have got so lazy - looking in the cupboards I have all the beans pulses and other wholesome things, to make good nourishing thrifty meals - its just sometimes easier to buy a ready cooked chicken from Tesco!
Feeling all 'Green' and virtuous I started going through the cupboards - it took me most of the day!
Its sad but I just loved arranging all the jars of beans and pulses - such colours and textures!

I even got as far as sorting out my pan cupboard - polish Halo!!

And best of all!!!!!!!!! along with all the out of date tins - I found this! Right at the back of a cupboard, a little dusty, but 'the real thing'!
Has anyone else made Bramble Port - it is soooooooooo delicious!
This was dates 2004 - so nice and mature. It tastes like warm slightly spicy juicy blackberries, and warms your tummy in the nicest possible way!

I decanted it (out of the dusty old bottle ) into a more gracious and fitting decanter, we all 'tested' it - just to make sure it was Ok for other people of course! - extensive tests!!

I think it may need further 'testing' this evening!
And roll on autumn so I can make some more, it is the easiest thing to make. Basically pick your Blackberries and layer them with sugar in a bucket, cover loosely, and leave the fruit to ferment. After fermentation ( when it has stopped bubbling and frothing) strain, put fruit mush on compost ( not to chickens - although they like it and its the funniest thing - a drunk chicken! But seriously, not a nice thing to do.) Bottle the juice and leave to mature for a few weeks/years! The longer the better.
It is like a heavy sweet sherry/but blackberry-ish!

Ta Ta for now xxx


  1. Prices are rising everywhere. It's a bit worrying to hear that there might be food shortages, but as you say what goes around does come around.

  2. I know what you mean about food prices, so I've just posted our weekly menu - seven cooked meals from three main ingredients!
    Josie x

  3. I've heard about the rice shortage. Scary. Anyway, we're growing loads of our own stuff as usual this year so that should encourage us to eat healthily and cheaply. Thanks for the bramble port recipe - we get MASSES every year and I usually just make jam.

  4. My Mum was saying how much meat prices had increased last week. I don't buy much meat so hadn't noticed, but it's shocking!
    That bramble port looks lovely and I'm going to have to have a go now!!

  5. Have you finished that port yet - hic. You better save some for the Twiggy, missus and not drink it all before June!!! Have you seen the swap thingy on Marmadaisys blog? I've popped a link on my blog, looks good fun, do you fancy it? I'm going to have a go.
    I've just done my shopping order, we get ours delivered cos we live in the middle of nowhere and it cost so much in petrol to get to the shops, it works out cheaper, honestly the price of custard tarts - lol. Have a nice weekend
    Twiggy x

  6. Everything is expensive and it is so scary. I love the look of your cupboards and anytime you fancy tidying up mine feel free although i dont think it will be as exciting as yours. Thanks for the recipe we have zillions of blackberry bushes in the field next to us, so roll on september. Got your blog through indigo blue and think it is fab

  7. Hi..thank you for dropping by with your friendly comment!
    It is interesting that you should write about making ends meet when it comes to food! I have been getting inventive (for the first time) with the contents of our fridge and cupboard. I am now making my own bread and managed to rustle up a three course meal out of old veg last week. All very satisfying and challenging!!! Not sure an old tin of Ovaltine and some cous cous is going to make a decent supper tonight!


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