Monday, 28 February 2011

Shabby Prettiness.....All Ready For Spring!

We had a bit of Sunshine today .... and a pretty blue sky ..... dare we hope Spring is around the corner?
How about these pretty little shabby baskets....

I spotted them in a box at the carboot sale..... just jumbled up with bits and bats of all sorts .... I just think they are so pretty.
They are made from metal/wire and painted a nice 'shabby' cream colour.

The Fellas were busy putting down some bags of blue slate chippings/gravel-y stuff .... we have it all around the house and paths, every now and again it needs replenishing and we have extended the area we sit .... and eat ... and chat ...and everything else! We spend a lot of time outdoors when the weathers is fine.
I was there as chief 'Pointer'..... you know the kind of thing .... 'put that there' .... 'move this here'... very important job .... essential in fact!
As is.... 'Head of Refreshments' .... chief tea maker.
But as you know being a Woman multi-tasking comes easily to me so I 'faffed'.... a Hubby P word you understand ...... other people ..... as I pointed out .... 'designer kinda people' would get paid hundreds of pounds for 'faffing' with baskets, terracotta pots a a few bedding plants!

It takes a bit of faffing to get the right size of pot ... the right combination of pot and basket etc.

To look truly pretty!

I gave the chairs and tables a wash over and moved them to the new seating area .... faffed some more with the little baskets ... and sat in the sun for a while!
All ready for the sunshine and lazy family lunches!
Bye for now xx