Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stocking Up And Making Pennies..

Hello there ...
Just though you should have a little bit of a blog .... not a lot to report really ... the days have been chilly and a little dreary ...
But today we had sunshine!

And a good job too..

 We had this lot delivered ... stocking up for the cold weeks ahead... prices have gone up ... but then hasn't everything.
This lorry/trailer load was £130 ... it seems a lot but it is the only fuel we buy (apart from electricity.. the use of which can be a contentious issue with Hubby P's 'very careful' attitude to using it).

Is this an average price do you think? .... for the wood..

Luckily ... as I said it was a nice day and it gave us the chance to potter about and do some outside jobs.
Can't remember what Hubby P is doing here ... but I think he has a paintbrush in his hand. 

We ... well Hubby P mostly.. soon had them stacked away in the woodshed .. I have a very important role as Supervisor and 
tea boy...tea person? ...these days. Besides ... apparently no one else quite stacks them (the logs) as well Hubby P... not that I mind in the least. 

What else have I been upto ... well ...
 Bit thin on the old 'Pin Money' at the moment .... I spent what I had in my pot ..paypal .. on the last Approved Foods order ... so I thought I should try and generate a bit.

I had a bit of a scrat about the house ... turned out some cupboards ... its amazing the stuff your hoard/keep for a rainy day.

I found these pretty napkins ...nice and lacy ...not really something I would ever use ... with my house of men.
So ...
Bung um on ebay ... turn um into more pennies... for more essentials from App Foods and the like .. 

Likewise these funky retro cushion covers ... someone;; somewhere will enjoy them.
And at the moment it the funds I need ... just like so many of us ... we need a bit of savings behind us....this winter may be a hard one. 

Speaking of which ... have you got your spuds in?

We had chips 'n gravy for lunch today .... real outdoor-sy  food ....
it kept Hubby P going ... lot of logs in a lorry load!

You stocked up then?