Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi everyone!
Just a little catch up! Life has been so busy - the inevitable has happened and Hubby has had to go through the long and frustrating process of applying for Job Seekers Allowance/Benefit or whatever its called! A steep learning curve for us - what a faff! Its not something we have had to do before - I suppose we've been very fortunate. Anyway hopefully we are sorted out, so life goes on. A bit strange having him around all day - all week! Mind you we have been so busy rearranging our life - time to do all those little jobs we had put on the back burner, finding sources of free firewood, and other money saving/making little projects.
Thermal undies (even sexy little long johns that Hubby P says make him look like Max Wall!) have been donned, and carboot sales sought in the pursuit of a few extra pennies.
We are seeing another side of life for sure, but I must say it is nice to have all this time together - to mooch about carboots and have our little adventures!
Our own little Woodsman (son Will) came today to sort out some logs for us - keep the old folks warm! It was nice to see him and catch up - why is it University life seems to be just one big party! Its Reading week this week - no lectures, so he has managed to get some work, he is a qualified Tree surgeon so we may be lucky and get some more wood! We are trying our best to fill the enormous wood shed that Hubby P built earlier this year.

Pretty Three Cornered Leeks!

Just look at these little old boots! they are some of my old walking/gardening boots that I nestled in a comfy spot in the garden, and planted up! They have grown a nice covering of moss - it looks and feels like fur - a real pixie, fairy little corner of the garden!
They are sprouting a nice clump of Three Cornered Leeks.

I transplanted one of my 'baby' larger Oak trees into some of the galvanised ware that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It seems quite happy in there!

I just love the Autumn colours!

Having a good sort out!

With all that's been going on, and thinking of a life that maybe a little different - hopefully only for a short while, but none the less, it makes a person re-assess all around them.
I have taken the plunge and started to have a major sort out and down size my sewing stash! It really is a sin, I have found stuff I didn't know I had!
Fabric, buttons, trims, and stacks of books.
So keep a look out on Ebay - possibly half my house!!!!
I mean - really!!

How many buckles does a girl need! They should be out there! - adorning lovely Handcrafted bags and whatnot!
Any way - that's about all for now! Early to bed tonight its the Household Auction tomorrow - very exciting!! Getting bidding fever already!
Oh! - and a Chicken for Gary!!!

Ta ra for now xxxxx