Monday, 7 April 2008

Just to say Hello!

Just to say 'Hello' really, did you all have a good weekend? Find anything nice on your travels? I think the weather was against us really - at least here in the UK - snow, wind and more snow!
I am having such a frustrating day, all my photos are fuzzy and rubbish - they wont load properly on Etsy! you know when you want to get something done and move on to something else! - I decided its no good just keep making things , although we get all the pleasure from that,but I must try and sell some (more funds to feed the habit!) - thus the Etsy fiasco!!
I really wanted to get outside - I have Delphiniums to plant out - did you see Gardeners World? If you did you would know what I an talking about - so inspiring! I've tried and tried to grow them, the slugs usually get them, no matter what I do - but I will try again! Nothing ventured nothing gained! and they were so cheap!
Here are the pics I did for Etsy - load here just fine! can you believe it!
This is the finished 'Faerie Toadstool' little bag, its so cute, even if I do say so myself, I thought if it did'nt sell, it would be nice just hanging on a cupboard door, could hold some of my vintage hankies or something!

Here are just some little brooches -'Faerie Toadstools' again, I really enjoy doing these in front of the TV, I love the bright colours and Fantasy feel to them! Is that sad?

A different one - this is me trying all different backgrounds in the vain hope of producing a photo that looks somewhat reasonable.

This is getting a bit silly - me trying to get a photo of me with another brooch pinned on my hat!
I've given up for now! I will try another day - I have a garden awaiting me!