Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Todays Thrifty Doings ... Approved Food..

Hello there .. 
bit of a mundane sort of day ... rubbish weather .. rain and wind ...
just a kind of 'sorting out' .. cleaning ... catching up with laundry ... sorta day.

Its got to be done but I felt I hadn't done very much ... not much Thriftiness going on.

So ....

Cupboards are looking a bit bare ... and that worries me ... I like to have reasonable stocks in ... should we be snowed in we need a good store cupboard.

 So I had a little click on Approved Food ...
I often browse their aisles ... have a look what has come in.
You can click on 'Latest Products' ... its all very easy.

I use to get a bit carried away with all the bargains .. 
and end up with lots of unusual pickles and such ...
 stuff that took ages to eat up ... 
or 'far too much' chocolate-y stuff ... can you have 'far too much'? 

Anyway ... now I am more disciplined .. and I ask myself ...
'would I buy that from Tesco ... 
will I use it .. 
is it something I cook with on a daily/weekly basis'.

 Well tonight I found this ...
Granary Malted Wholegrain Hovis Flour.... £2.99 for 10kg.
Yes! .... I know ..

 I've been buying this from Tesco at £1.55 a Kg ... just to add sparingly to my cheapo flour to give a bit of nutty .. tasty flavour.

So to me it was worth putting in an order with AF ... I made sure I used all the weight allowance (I think it works out at £5 odd for delivery .. to the door).
But I only ordered goods I will use .. salt and pepper .. stuffing mix .. stock cubes ... brown sauce ... you know .. the kind of thing that will happily sit in the store cupboard.

 The flour is ideal for those of you who make your own bread ... we're off yeasty bread for the moment .. but I do make Hubby P a bit of soda bread .. and I shall try it in all kinds of baking ... I should think it will make interesting rustic cheese scones.

And they had these ... tins of Mushy Peas .. BIG tins of mushy peas!

Catering sized tins .. that's 2500gms ... just a few peas then.
I thought I could always freeze in portion sizes once I opened the tin .. or make a big pot of pea soup.

Hubby P likes a few mushy peas .... wont we be the 'healthy ones' ...
peas soup and rustic bread!

So ... ideas for gallons of mushy peas .. and rustic flour ?

How do you find Approved Food ... any tips welcome.