Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh Sunny Days!

Oh what lovely sunny days we've been having - fair cheers a girl up!
All the little flowers dancing in the gentle breeze!
And its so nice to dry the washing outdoors in the warm fresh sunshine!

This was my 'find' at Tuesdays carboot sale.

We have needed a new Post/mail box for ages,the old wooden one was damp and falling to bits - bit of an embarrassment really. I had been looking at these American Mail boxes on ebay, but with postage costs they were quite expensive. My reasoning was that a metal box would last a bit longer - and I like the shape!

Anyway, as my Gran use to say ' Everything comes to She who waits'! and as sure as eggs is eggs - there sat an American style mail box at the carboot sale, mine for £5. Just the job!

It needed a coat of paint, and then armed with our new wizzy electric screwdriver thingy - I set it in place.

I found an old metal bread bin, gave it a lick of paint, and set that in place, outside the gate - all ready for Ken the milk man! I find I need a box like thing for the milk, then the empty bottles don't roll about the place.

All nice and spruce, ready for a long sunny summer! fingers crossed! xx