Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hi you! Hope all's well!
Just a few bits and bobs to share with you!
Look at this Vintage brolly I found - and all for just £1, it has a small tear in the fabric - but isn't it just Fab!

Its so pretty and flowery - I think I may just use it as a sunshade, its so bright and cheery!!!

On the Shed Front!
I found these exciting wooden boxes, just the very thing for storing Hubby P's car bits in (£2 each) - I thought they were so shabby/pretty looking, so much easier on the eye than anything plastic I could buy!
As you can see they must have been used by the National Trust at some time - does that mean we might have a bit of National Treasure about us??

From labels attached to the outside I think they were used for storing flower bulbs in, crocus and that sort of thing. As you can see they are stackable - Is it just me? or would you get excited at the thought of such rustic shabbyness residing in your shed!!

On the 'Glamour' front! - I found a couple more vintage lipsticks. I like the ones in the metal gold/bronze cases, and the shades of lippy are just amazing! - if you went out with some colours on these days, people would think -'what a shame, fancy her carer letting her go out like that!'
Some make you look positively anaemic, and they taste just awful - all whale blubber and whatnot I should think!
It means I have the perfect lippy on stand by for when my Vintage phone rings, and I can
quickly apply said whale blubber - and answer 'Gwalchmai 172!' - just looking the absolutely
perfect part! (see an earlier Post - you may be a bit confused!)

Sorry photos a bit rubbish!
On The Garden Front!
We have started to enjoy - with great gusto I might add - our home grown veg! The little round carrots were from the window boxes we made earlier in the year - they were so sweet many of them didn't make it to the pan, we just sat outside, rubbed the compost off them and ate them like toffees! Wish I had planted more now!

Another exciting Carboot-y find! - I know it just looks like a few boring pots with something growing in them! But I have wanted an Agapanthus for ages - they are so expensive in the Garden centres, but a wonderful Lady was selling these at £1/pot £ for £2.50 - I could have kissed her - I didn't - she would have thought that a bit over the top!
Anyway - I was pleased! - and have now carefully planted these in the garden with every safeguard against slugs I can think of! Fingers crossed they do well!
I will take the nice Carboot-y Lady some spare plant pots, she tells me its her husband who has 3 greenhouses and likes (is encouraged??) to keep busy growing and potting - so she sells a few on the carboot - keeps him in compost!

Just a little chicken for Gary and Rob !!

Got to go, Ta Ta for now xxxx