Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ready For Sunshiny Days! On A Shoestring!

Well the suns been out, and the garden is blooming! I've just been geering up for the long lazy summer days!
I treated myself to this Steamer chair - my last one gave up the ghost last year and fell to bits! I won the Steamer on Ebay - 'Oh Blessed are Thou, Oh wonderful 'sitting at home' shopping site!'
I think of my Ebay /Paypal money a bit like Monopoly money - not quite real, well you never see or hold it in your hand, do you? So I spend it on things I wouldn't normally just splash out on!
I think of it as Pin Money, just selling bits and pieces around the house, vintage pieces I tire of, or unwanted clothes (of a rather larger size - for those of you with a luscious figure like mine!!!). Some bits come in boxes from the Household Auction - I will have bought the box full (they usually sell in box fulls!), I take what I wanted from the box and put any interesting bits on Ebay - shame to just throw them away, someone somewhere will love them!
So - Cheers to Ebay! One very nice new Steamer chair, all ready, snuggled in what I call by Circle - its sort of a sunken area surrounded by slate pillars one side and garden on the other. It has a chipped slate floor - its lovely and warm, shielded from the wind.
Bargain of the day has to be this sun shade and its stand £2 from todays carboot sale, and the two chairs with cushions for £5 - from same carboot sale! Chair cushions are a bit faded and have seen better days but hey! I am mostly going to sit on them in my gardening clothes, and for £5 - its something comfy to sit on! There is no way I could afford brand new chairs, and you know what - I wouldn't pay that much for something that in all probability is going to get rained on!
I suppose the Steamer chair was an exception, but only because I got it really, really cheap on Ebay.

Hubby P has done a Quality Control Test on the chairs - and Yes! his highly developed, comfort rating skill, built into his posterior says Yes! they are very comfy - definitely a fivers worth of comfort!

And just a pretty picture of Mr Sunshine! This is a little set of Childrens table linen, its so cute, thought I would just show you. It came in one of the aforementioned boxes, with some glassware I wanted. Its now on ebay - I need to replenish the Monopoly money!

Take care x Ta Ta for now xx