Monday, 10 November 2008


Home is where the heart is! How true!
Today just a few odd photos - oddments I have found stashed away, you may have seen them before - I can't remember!
We've had a hectic, expensive, but fun week - and Hubby P has had a days work today! Wow - dare we hope things are picking up on the work front?

I just love candlelight and warm colourful shades on my lights, especially during these long cold evenings!


The Fun bit - we went to the Household Auction, where we bought a (literally) car full of boxes of goodies - more about that at a later post, when I can get to use the camera!

The expensive bit - Our car engine blew up - head gasket went in spectacular style - it died! We just about hobbled into the Auction! - 'well! what now!' I said to Hubby P - and he said -' we might as well go to the Auction and sort the car later!' So we did - then rang the garage for advice, managed to get going again (with a fully loaded car full of Auction goodies) and limped to the garage.
The thought of hunting for another car made me eel sick - I just hate all that trailing around huming and ahring at all sorts of shapes ans sizes, and degrees of rust!
At the garage they - Hubby P and 'Brian the Garage' were uming and ahring at our dead car, and discussing buying another - I said, 'Well! what we really could do with is a Van, if we are going to do more carboot sales'
'Come with Me' says Brian - and what did he have in the garage but a really good Astra car/van thingy, at a really good price! We know our garage man really well, so were happy to look no further! - How relieved was I!

So now Hubby P is 'White Van Man' !!!!

Just some trinkets!

Can you see Alice's feet!! Ha ha!
So A bit of a hectic week - we also had to sort through all the boxes we bought at the Auction - absolutely fascinating - a little sad but so interesting! A lot of the boxes came from an old ladies house and we discovered she must have had a passion for Ballet dance, there were lots of notebooks with dance exercises and examination pieces written in them. Ballet magazines, lovely pictures and ornaments. All sorts! a real insight into a well travelled, cultured Lady.
Hopefully some more up -to date, topical photo's next post!
Ta ta for now xxxx