Sunday, 18 November 2012

Todays Gift ... Ust It Up Fruit...Any Ideas.?..

Hello there....
We've just got back from selling at the carboot sale....Brr it was cold...but nice and sunshiny.
I sat in the fresh air ... warm fleecy hat and sunglasses ...with a view of the Snowdonia Mountains ... 
We had lots of nice chatty customers ... a nice way to make a living. 

And todays lovely gift ... a box of fruit from Colin the veg that needed using up.
So lots of lemons and limes ... any ideas on what to do with them? 
I shall have to do something with them tomorrow .. be a sin to let them go to waste.

Whilst I was there I bought another sack of spuds ... I do believe the weather men are forecasting nasty weather.. the 'worst winter in decades' .. or so someone told me.
Anyone else know anything about this?

So as my Grandmother would say ... 'when there is a crisis buy a bag of spuds'... 
then you can always make a cheap and nutritious meal... even if you are snowed in...and all lines of communication are down... the family has flu .. etc etc..
..There is always egg and chips
... Jacket potatoes
... potato and leek soup
... bangers and mash get the picture!   

Thank you for all your kind comments about the little chair ...
and yes.. it was sold on Saturday.
Its gone to live in a little cottage by the sea.

Please ...please give me some nice and easy ideas for the fruit...
I really must do something with it soon.