Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I've been tagged twice! By the lovely April - Cakes make the World a Better Place
And the lovely Twiggy - Twiggypeasticks
Thanks for thinking of me Girls! Here goes :-
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6 Random things about myself.
1 I went to Agricultural College, and learned to make cheese!
2 I had a pet fox as a child, called Popsey!
3 I don't like prawns or any shell fish!
4 My first car was an automatic Mini!
5 I have been and Abseiled! - only once, once was enough!
6 I am the eldest of 3 sisters.
6 lovely people I shall Tag!
Driftwood Shack
A Thrifty Mrs
Indigo Blue
Suzie Sews
Fan My Flame
That's all for now folks!


Hi you! Just a few musings from the Allsorts household!
A furious Hubby P burst into the house this evening! - I was just stirring the gravy!! 'They have gone and put it up again' he said - in a very Angry Voice! 'And that will have to be switched off for a start' he said - as he switched the immersion heater off with a flourish!!
YES - the Electricity has gone up again - it was on the 4 o clock news. This causes instant fury, and cursing of everyone from the Government, energy companies right down to anyone who dares to have too many lights (in Hubby P's opinion) burning!
We've settled down a bit now we've had our bread and butter pudding, I haven't dared switch the immersion heater on just yet.
I have been far more responsible and 'pro-active' - I have been looking at thermal underwear on ebay. What a choice! and some of it quite sexy in a 'manly'- I'm a lumberjack! kind of way. Maybe this is the way, certainly we will have to wrap up - I can see us huddled round a candle if Hubby P has his way!
Mind you he has been looking into solar lights - quite cheap on ebay, he has bought a little shed light - for research purposes - I won't bore you with all the research data, I'll just tell you if its any good or not!
Garden News
Look at my pretty cardoon flower - they got a bit bashed with the rain, but this one was trying to lift its face to the sun!
Apples on the tree! There are so many and growing bigger and bigger, looking forward to a bumper harvest!

And the beans have suddenly gone mad - we are having to pick every day - lots for us and lots for the freezer!


Carboot-y Finds!
Not a lot to share with you I'm afraid.
This little book caught my eye, very retro! I had a good old look at it, but I think its destined for ebay, someone somewhere will get more from it than I.

And these little hankies - just a couple (I have put these two on ebay) of a handful I bought on Tuesday, I have kept most of them for myself. These two are rather pretty!

Sheddy Bits!
This is my new 'nursery' area, I am in the middle of setting up alongside the sheds. Hopefully it will be cool and shady enough to grow on the little cuttings, lots to pass on to green fingered friends!

This our latest project, a new big log shed - It doesn't look much in this photo, but the effort it took to dismantle the old coal bunker (and get rid of the old tin and timber!) - and in the heat of last weekend! It nearly put our lights out!!!
Hopefully get some more done this weekend, and I will show you a photo of a 'pretty' and complete log shed!

That's all for now Folks!!