Friday, 16 September 2011

Washin Me Pennies .... and other Thrifty Tales!

Yes .. I know it all sounds a bit crazy ... I know you're thinking .... is the woman short of something to do? or is she simply crazy?

Well there is method in my madness .... I save um all .... every last penny gets tucked away in the jar .... every one I find... on the floor at the carboot sale, in the washing machine, in pockets when doing the laundry... and I claim them all for 'the jar'.

I was adding some more pennies today when I noticed there seemed to be a lot of silver amongst the pennies and 2p's .... silver as in 5p and 20p's. So I thought I would have a sort out a bit of a count up.... it was whilst doing this that I noticed how really dirty and sticky the coins were.... quite yucky really.

And I thought if I was the lady at the Post Office I really wouldn't like to handle this cash ... and that's where I take it... I use it for postage and stuff.... or rather Hubby P does (one of his little jobs... its obviously a masculine sort of job... and involves lengthy discussion with whoever is in the 'Post' whilst he remembers to pick up the newspaper too).

Anyway that's how I came to wash the pennies .... when you think of all the hands they have been through they must be smothered in allsorts of yucky germs and whatnot.

So it had a bit of a wash, and dry .... and I took the silver out .... the copper when back in the jar .. for now.

The jar stands by the phone near Katie ... handy for depositing oddments of cash from pockets and purses (and floors of course).

I managed a good £5 in 5p's and £3 in 20p's.... and off Hubby P trundled to the Post Office.

Its amazing how quickly it all adds up... you know what they say......
Many Mickle Makes a Muckle..... and all that!

What do you save your bits and bobs in?
.... a huge Whisky bottle use to be a favorite.... you can see we favor an old wine carafe..... we've had the same one for years, don't think its ever had wine in it yet.

Whilst I was 'Washin me money' the boys were playing outside with bits of wood.....Ooohhh how they love bits of wood....
the project at the moment it a large 'summerhouse'.....I know its approaching winter!

But they want to do it with recycled timber and whatnot where possible ....... and to be honest, financially it will have to be ... have you seen the price of timber?!
So its been a do a bit when the right stuff turns up kind of project.

Pleeese ... don't look at Hubby P's hair .... or lack of it, its a long sad tale, suffice to say don't decide to cut your hair late at night... in bad lighting..... crouched before your wife's too low mirror..... no glasses on and mistaking the guard number on the hair clippers!

It will grow again.... thank goodness!

Now they have caught me taking photographs!

Ooooo they are having a good time!

Have a good weekend ..... happy thrifting!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Socks and Jam .... Thrifty Snippets!

Hope you are all well .... how's your Thrifting going?

What news? .... any bargains this week? .... who's stashed what away in their pantry or freezer for the coming winter.
I do love to hear what you're up to .. and its important to share our ideas and money saving tips...

My bargain of the week ...... socks!

I was down to a few washed out and oddly matched pairs.... goodness knows when I last bought some, so I was pleased I spotted these....

At the carboot sale (where else!).... the Chap was clearing his stock, packing up for the winter maybe...
I was attracted to the lacy bit around the top .... bit like little girls socks but obviously in adult sizes, bit girly girly maybe for me.... but pretty, and at least (fingers crossed/hopefully) when Hubby P and/or Richard is sorting the laundry they will know they are my socks. I think bras are the only thing for sure that don't get mixed up as to the ownership of ..... I could tell you a tale about my panties and Hubby P .... but I wont... I will spare his blushes!

Anyway back to the socks ... mostly cotton, pretty, three pairs to a pack..... 4 packs for £1!
So .... less than 10p a pair.

And they are real comfy!
I mostly wear boots so a bit of lace peeking out just adds a bit of a pretty touch... whatch think?

Apples .... still trying to get through the apples!

Chopped a load... stewed them and put them through a jelly bag.

Added some sugar and boiled to make some Apple Jelly.... I found a nice handful of this fresh mint.....
So I chopped it small and added to the jelly....stirring well, just before I put it into the jars.

Nice Apple Mint Jelly!

I think maybe I over did the mint .... looks a bit... well full of mint, but I'm sure it will taste just fine.

Take care for now x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thrifty Snippety Tea .... So Good For You!

Turned out a nice day today ... so I made some time to try and bring some order to the garden ... it has been sadly neglected this year.

I donned my gloves and went forth to see the damage ... and where best to start!

Everywhere looked so overgrown ... I decided to start on the bed I can see from the kitchen window. I had bought a few bulbs at the weekend ... ever the optimist, I don't think a few bulbs will make this garden look cared for!

Whilst sorting this small bed I came across my bath of Nettles. I keep this old tin bath just for growing nettles that I eat ... they are clean (no car fumes from the side of the road, or dogs piddling on them), and I can keep them short, small and lush.

They too were a tad overgrown so I thought the thing to do was chop them down and let them sprout afresh.

Always with a nod to Thrifty living I saved the choicest nettles.

In the kitchen I picked them over ... evicted a couple of sleepy caterpillars and gave the Nettles a bit of a rinse.

How fresh and green does this look ... just bursting with vitality!

It knocks spots off any old weary looking cabbage you can pick up from the supermarket shelf!

I chopped up a bit of onion .... quite a lot of onion ... just because I had a lot of onions, and an odd potato (I have a few of these too). The potato thickens the soup nicely.

Sauteed the onions and chopped potato in a little olive oil .... salt and pepper to taste, added the Nettle leaves (stripped from the tough stalks) and stirred around a bit until they were wilted. Added a veggie oxo cube and water to cover .... simmered gently on a very low heat for an hour or so.
Blitzed with the blender and I added a spoonful of veggie gravy granules to thicken it up a bit.... I could have left the lid off and it would have reduced and thickened ... but I'm not that patient a woman!

I must say it was tasty... what an easy tea.
Bowl of healthy soup packed with iron, and cheese and crackers (we won't comment on the pork pie!).

So go on .... eat your weeds!

They are probably more nutritious than all that week old stuff we buy in the shops!

Bye for now xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thrifty and Local....Keeping Money On The Island!

Gosh its wet and wild here.... 40 mile an hour winds ... it feels really wintry. I truly hope its not the beginning of winter.... because it will mean a really really long (and expensive ) winter for all of us.

Just a few bits and pieces to share with you ... bargains .. and thrifty deals!

Remember the bathroom ... well I found a new light shade, I had to throw the old one away. It was just one of those cheapo paper ones and they get dusty and brittle after a time.
Anyway I was going to get a new paper one - cheap and cheerful... but then I found this one on a carboot stall .... as new (was still in its cellophane wrapper) and only £1!
I thought 'well - that'll do!'

Its quite nice ... kinda ... well ... stringy!

Hubby P did his stuff and put it up and it looks just fine ... be a great home for all the little spiders!

Whilst roaming around the 'Boot sale' I found this little hotwater bottle in its cosy little jacket ... new in its packet £1 ... just the job to go in the Christmas present box. Everyone needs a 'hottie' during the winter.

I'm finding everyone is thinking of winter ... must be this cold wintery weather .... and its certainly made me feel like 'Setting out my stall' as my Grandmother would say ... getting all ready for the winter months..... stocking up on supplies and whatnot.

Recently .. more than ever I have become aware of the struggle people are having just to get by.... just holding their heads above water. Jobs are scarce and if you do have one pay is poor... there are few opportunities here on Anglesey, we are an Island and in a way a bit out on a limb.
I've decided to try when ever possible to shop locally ... to help keeping the money on the island or at least in North Wales..... to help keep the small people in business.

Today I bought my first (of the winter) sack of spuds (potatoes)... locally grown and sold by a husband and wife team who stand the markets in all weather... always cheerful and often cold and wet!

They look like fine spuds to me ... haven't tried any yet ... but lots of ideas for meals .. how versatile is the potato!

£6 for the sack ... is that a good deal?
Cant say I really did much comparing prices ... I didn't have to travel to pick them up and I went for locally grown.

Filled .. or rather topped up the freezer (we have only a small freezer) ... the butcher's van has started coming to the carboot (getting more like a small market, which I think is a good thing)... so I bought some meat.
Business was slow (cold and wet) so I bagged 10kgs of chicken portions (legs ) that's 47 portions for £20. I split this with a friend £10 each (its a lot for the two of us to eat!).... and although my maths isn't too great ... this works out at under 50p a portion.

Hubby P did his utmost to fit it all in the freezer.... all but 4 portions he squashed in ... so we just had to have chicken and chips for tea (and stuffed ourselves with two legs each!).

Such wild indulgence .... must get a grip!

How are your winter preparations going.... any tips on the Frugal Front... any Thrifty Snippets?

Take care x bye for now