Friday, 30 October 2009

Bit's and Bob's Pleasing Me Today!!

Hello there!
Just thought i would drop you a few quick lines before the weekend.
I had a wander in the garden this morning - its a bit damp and drizzly - but we have to make the most of the daylight, it seems too start getting dark so soon! I do so miss being able to sit out in the garden, eating dinner and just relaxing!
Anyway on to the first show and tell!
How exciting !!!!!!
Out on one of my Treasure Hunts, I espied this lonely lady, well loved, well used, and now sadly cast aside! Oh how sad she looked, I empathised with her - I too miss my babies and the joy, warmth and comfort they would bring to a tired harassed mother!
In her day she would have been a Queen amongst Prams 'Royal' no less.

I just couldn't see her go to the scrap, She's too big for the house, so she must bide in the garden with the faeries! In summer she shall have garlands of flowers! I will use her to display potted plants - cheer up her sad, tired looking frame.
Just another 'something' - it all adds interest to the garden!

Just don't ask what Hubby P said!

On with the show and tell -
Kale! Kale - lovely kale, I just love the way it looks, just so decorative! I buy it weekly, freshly hand picked by my local organic-y farmer, and I juice it - Big into juicing my veg here!

In the garden, the delight of my Honesty seedheads They look so nice sat amongst the greens and reds of the fading foliage! Can you see the little snails having a good 'ol snooze!

And how about the fresh jewel green of this moss growing at the base of the old kitchen sink, its full of water and fairy moss, it just amazes me how and where it will grow

Yes, yes I know! Another chair! But isn't it beautiful - a chair fit for a faerie princess!

And last but not least - a new shabby old leather bag. Couldn't resist this it looked just so lived in! What tales could it tell!
Plus its fairly large and zips up - I am always aware that there are certain undesirables at crowded places like car boots who will think nothing of helping themselves to your purse.

That's all for now folk's - have a nice weekend.
xx Take care xx Vicky xx