Monday, 15 March 2010

And the Winner is!! Welsh Shawls and A new Hat!

Hi all! Hope you all had a good weekend.
Well I promised you a little Giveaway - so here it is, just a little bundle of allsorts, sewing/crafting goodies and the like.
All tied up with a pretty bow!

So I made a rough sort of 'names in a hat' - and The Winner Is !!!!!!
Jak from the lovely blog Winter Tells (do have a visit!)

So Jak, look out for this little parcel winging its way to you shortly!
We had a wonderful day on Thursday - Hubby P booked a day off work and we went to the Household Auctions for the day. I find the whole thing fascinating - what there is to bid on (amazing what Great Aunt Such and Such collected during her lifetime!), who bids for what - and How much! Household linen (lace trimmed sheets, lacy bits etc) was going for a fortune, the lady Dealer has a market for it in Spain, apparently they go mad for English linen over there.
We had a nice day - bit cold stood in a draughty concrete building, but great fun.
Of course we bought a van full of stuff - the cheaper boxes we just love to rummage through, Hubby P bought one or two select bits - strange things that somehow he knew what they were/are, collectable kinds of things. He will have a play on Ebay with them.
I know you're thinking - 'well what - what strange things??' - well would you know what a Game Strap is? - Be relieved to know it is something to do with Game shooting/hunting.
This is the intricate mind of Hubby P - one must not be mistaken and think this strange intelligence has anything to do with remembering Birthdays, or noticing the hoover needs running round, or even that it can be applied to the mundane everyday - but he knows a strange object when he sees it, and researches the subject to death - just for the fun of it!
Last night he found an odd bunch of people who collect Primus stoves - of all things, so now he will become expert on the Primus stove! Well at least its a harmless hobby - I collect 'things' he collects 'information or facts' - strange couple!!
There again I suppose I'm as strange, I bought a collection of old dusty and rusty Tilly lamps - no one wanted them (well no wonder really!) I think I got them for an opening bid of £1. I just like anything that looks like its had a life - a bit sad and battered - is that why I ended up with Hubby P? lol!
I hung them in the garden, along the beams in front of the summer house along with all the other 'treasures' - there they can live out their life and rust and moulder away, giving a cosy home to all the spiders and whatnot.

Sometimes you can see similar purpose made things in these fancy Garden Centres, and Homestyle shops - they cost a fortune! - Designer rust I call it!

At least my rust is the real thing! I think they look good - even better when everything starts growing. I have planted some climbing roses at the bottom of these poles - should look really pretty.

Another exciting event this week - Postie brought me my real Welsh Wool Shawl - the real thing! just like the Welsh Ladies in their tall black hats use to wear - just like in the photo's you see of typical Welsh ladies!

I was browsing Ebay - as you do! and spotted this shawl for sale. The lady selling said it was found in an old Welsh cottage, still wrapped in its brown paper packaging - unused, unworn (it does have one or two moth holes - but they are its life, its history, makes it real for me). Well - I mentioned it to Hubby P, and said how I thought it should come and live with us, should remain in Wales, live its life out in a similar tumbly old Welsh cottage! So being the kind, soppy lump he is he went all out to bid and win it for me.
Its lovely and warm, I'm sat with it accross my shoulders as I write this.
(just need the big, tall, black bonnet now - well , maybe that's a step too far!)

But speaking of HATS!!!!!!!

Just look what I found at the carboot sale over the weekend!
You know how I just love a nice hat.

Just don't take any notice of the scary looking, manic woman wearing it - its so hard to take your own photo!
I call it my Easter Bonnet - its really not the best pic of it, but its the best I could do.
- How Glam is this for a hat!
All I need now is a Church Fete, or Lady Such and Such's Garden Party!!

So what have you been doing today?
This morning saw be trying - again - to use up all the apples that I was given the other day. I have put as many as I can fit into the freezer, so today I made apple pies
- here they are waiting to go into the oven!

This evening I dispatched Hubby P - bearing pies to all the 'Apple Pie Appreciating Males' of our friends and family. And still I have 4 apples left in the bag! I think they are breeding in there!
So that will be apple crumble again this weekend.

Off to eat some apple pie - well someones got to do it!

xxx Take care for now xxx