Monday, 9 June 2008


Yes! Its that time of year again when I just try to think of all the good years - just wish in a way they hadn't gone by so quickly!
But really - I have had a lovely morning with loved ones and nice thoughtful gifts!
And! great excitement - my Inspirational Summer Swap arrived all the way from Cleary in Florida.
As you can see its a beautiful little quilt of the amazingly cheerful colours, with a delightful embroidered little strawberry motif in the centre.
Quite the hand of fate that it should arrive on my birthday!
Thankyou so much Cleary - I love it!

Just a bit of crafty stuff - I thought you might like to see this. I bought this little daybed for peanuts at a carboot sale a while ago ( it was in a real state of disrepair - so sad!), any way I kind of recovered it, using all the oddments of vintage fabric I had - I wanted to make it all jazzy and full of life!
(sorry this picture is rubbish!)

Its been stored in the summer house for a while, but I have had a bit of a change around in the sitting room and made some room for it. Its great for storage too - I can get loads of fabric and whatnot in the base - Not that that is an excuse to buy more fabric, I am supposed to be being good!!

This was another exciting freebie this weekend! A friend of Hubby P's (another Shedhead) suggested he - Hubby P would need a cupboard for his shed, and off they went to look at old cupboards the chap had - its a Man thing. I thought nothing of it , until he arrived with this beautiful 40s sideboard - its a piece of utility furniture, so finely made with brass and pearl like handles ( I think they may be Bakelite).
And you know what! - it was just the right size and shape to sit next to my sewing machine, and hold all my sewing stuff -too ungainly for his shed!!! - not really a manly, sheddy kind of cupboard at all - shame!

Of course he agreed with me - it really was too nice to cover in old engine oil and paint, and he kindly handed it over. A true test of enduring Love! never mind all this red roses stuff!

It looks really well net to my sewing machine and it means all the unsightly stuff -half finished projects, and scruffy plastic bags of stuff you cant bear to throw out - are hidden away!

I even managed to save the old vintage lining paper - is that a step too far -too sad!!
Anyway going to do some more Birthday type stuff now!
Ta Ta for now xxx