Friday, 24 October 2014

A Little Toadstool Lampshade ... Cute ... !

Hello there ... well ..
thank you  for all your nice comments .. 
it seems most of us are thrifty barterers ...
 to me its just a way of life ... just continuing on the life lessons of my family.

I so like Annie's quote .. her mother use to say ..'one hand washing the other'. 
I will remember that .. and think of you Annie when I use it ... 

Talking of Bartering does anyone still have a LETS scheme?
 I was wondering with this new age of Fb and all manner of selling sites if some kind of local LETS type bartering page could be set up ... 
or maybe there would be too many complications..

Perhaps the 'real world' isn't ready for homely bodies like us foisting the notion of Barter on to them!

Its been a nice day today ... Hubby P donned his outdoor clothes and had a good saw up of firewood and a general tidy up ....
 the chickens enjoyed the fallen leaves thrown in their run ..

I got stuck into painting the conservatory ... yes we are STILL on with repairing/revamping the conservatory.
Hubby p has re clad the inside with wood .. 
so we are on with painting .. show you some pics another day.

Just wanted to share this find with you .. my lovely 'new to me' lampshade.

I just thought it was so pretty ... bit like a fairy toadstool.

I found it at the Car Boot ...of course .. do I shop anywhere else?

The lady selling it had made it ... quite a simple idea .. but so effective ...
I was glad to give it a home.

The 'petals' of fabric were overlaid in rows around an old lampshade .. stitched in place... I suppose any shape could be used.... and maybe they could be glued in place.

The lady said she had put a red bulb under the shade ...
 that would certainly add to its pinkness.. 
but I have just a normal one here.
Not yet having 'found' any exotic coloured bulbs at the Car Boot!

Off to cook gammon egg and chips for tea .. I think Hubby P deserves it ... the garden is looking so tidy.

Bye for now x