Monday, 22 October 2012

Nothing Wasted ....

Hello there ...
Just a quick 'hello' ... just like to check in with my Blog Girlie's .. and boys of course..
Its part of my evening relaxation .. seeing what you've all been doing with your day ... a nice part of my day.

Anyway 'Waste Not Want Not' as they say...

We had our sausage casserole for supper yesterday .. and very nice it was too.
After I has taken the sausages out of the casserole.. and given us both a good helping of the sauce ... there was still lots of the sauce-y stuff left ... lots of rich tasty tomato based sauce.

Too nice to waste. 

 So I pulled a little lamb mince out of the freezer and fried it up with some onion ... I found the end of a cabbage and a few peas.

 Added the mince mix to the casserole (and a few leftover cooked potatoes) ..and gave it a good heating through.
I had a lump of pastry in the freezer so I pulled that out this morning and it defrosted nicely in time to be rolled out and put on top of the casserole/pie

And very tasty it was too ...
 Just looking back at photos/posts seems I always use the same roasting/casserole/pie dish ... well i do ... its not that I haven't others but this one seems to be the right size shape... and ...well.. handiness.
 Is it me or do you use the same equipment ... does it sometimes just taste better from a particular dish or pan?