Friday, 27 March 2015

Just 'Garden ' Really .. Pretty Pic's ...

 Hello there folks ..
All quiet and peaceful here .. just as we like it.

Not a lot to tell you .. but here are some garden pic's .. lots of loveliness springing from the earth.

Just look at these Hellebore's .. I have just the one clump .. 
but what a show this year .. 
and they have been flowering since mid January.

 They are just so pretty ... an amazing shade of pink.

 And these creamy coloured ones are forming seed pods ... 
anyone know if they are easy to grow from seed?

 Hubby P managed to find me some garden chairs .. 
not new (of course) ... 
but with a touch of the Hubby P treatment they will be just great .. now all we need is some nice sun to sit in.
I was looking at new garden furniture on line ..
 Gosh what a price !
Sometimes I get quite a shock when I venture into the 'real' world and see just how much things cost.

 In our simple world ..  it is one of working with cash money .. only buying what you have enough cash to buy .. 
mostly secondhand/locally sourced .. 
but good old fashioned face to face trading .. 
buying locally ..
 keeping the money circulating within our community.

I don't know that I would fair very well in 'the real world'.

 My big pot of Tulips are on their way up ..

 And the Forsythia is flowering .. pretty .. pretty.. sunshiny yellow.

I've done a bit of reclaiming vintage fabrics .. 
its so nice to wash .. iron.. and stand the maiden outside in the sunshine to dry off.

 This is a nice bit of Jonelle fabric .. 
curtains that had seen better days as curtains .
But lots of good fabric still.
All 'come up lovely' as they say .. after a good wash.
I've tried a bit on eBay .. but I will probably sell most of it to my my crafty ladies at the boot sale.
I just love the blue colour.

Sweet little terracotta pots in the sunshine ..
 just gearing up to flower their little socks off all summer.

That's all for now folks .. take care ..
Bye for now xx