Wednesday, 16 April 2008


What a glorious day today! Surely spring must be on its way! I took the opportunity to do bits of mending and wash the vintage goodies I found at the weekend. Much to my luck a lady had emptied her mothers cupboard and was doing a car boot to try and make a few pennies! I found lots of old pinnies (aprons!) and beautiful green Afternoon Tea tablecloths. All in remarkably good condition for their age.
I have been trying to take some photos of them - well I cant keep them all! - so I shall Ebay them, or maybe try them in the vintage section of Etsy. I have a terrible problem when selling - I don't just want to sell them, I want to re-home them with nice people who will appreciate their vintage-ness, wonderful age, history and often uniqueness - Is that Sad!
Here are some of the pinnies on the washing line - Oh! if only every wash day looked like this - its more like ink stained work trousers and holey knickers!!
I particularly like this one, I love the purple and mauve colours - may just have to keep this one!

Its hard to show the tablecloths in all their prettyness, but can you see the refreshing green satiny colour. One is wholly green satin cotton with a kind of paisley design, and the other id white with a broad green border.

A more unusual find that some of you Paper craft people might be interested in! I think it dates from the1950/60s from the packaging. I know its only crepe paper but the vintage-y feel and look of the packaging appealed to me. I bought the whole lot! - what I will do with all of it I don't quite know! But its pretty - maybe try some on Ebay, share it around a bit. Unfortunately there were only two colours, a blue (Sapphire) and a nice green, but the colours are as bright and fresh as ever.
On the back of the packaging it 'talks' of making blinds for windows using wire, and decorating shelves and dressing windows, and of course making wonderful Christmas decorations!
Another time - another era!

I just couldn't resist this - Hubby just raised his eyebrows! (cant turn the picture round - sorry)
Remember when you were a child, and it rained - all those little old ladies getting out their plastic concertinaed little rain hoods! They all had them, tucked away in their handbags - must protect the perm!
I bought two of these - so I could share one, there must be someone out there, who like me gets excited about this sort of thing! I have mine on display - just brings fond memories I suppose.
It amazes me that something like these rain hoods were so 'everyday' and taken for granted, yet now very rarely seen.
I know - I know I am very Sad!!

Back to the crafty side of things - just finishing another Toadstool fantasy, this is a Little pillow/pincushion. I think I am getting the Toadstool thing out of my system - ready to move on to something a bit different.
This will probably end up on Etsy, or in the 'Present Box'- how many other people have such a thing as a Emergency Present Box?

I had a nice visit yesterday to a new shop in a local village - it opened up a whole new world to me! The shop is called Patchwork Island ( and a nice lady - Lynne, stocks all this nice ( different for me anyway) 'Primitive' ware. I think she mostly imports it from America, I would think some of you know all about it - a lot of it is Patchwork type things - but it was a refreshing change for me to druel over different crafty things.
Anyway - talking to Lynne, as you do about crafting and whatnot, she suggested I make up some bags - in this Primitive style, so I thought I would give it a go.
I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this - anyone who collects this sort of thing!
This is what I have started - its Sheep and Willow ( some of the typical designs used). I will keep you posted on this, lets hope its not a total disaster!
Take a look at the shops web site - she has some nice things!

Ta Ta for now! Back out to the sunshine!


  1. They do look good on the line don't they? Etsy may reward your aprons with a lovely new owner as there may be a collector out there looking.
    I meant to say before that I visited Anglesy on honeymoon and loved it!!! You are very lucky to live there.
    Back soon.

  2. Hi lady
    Thank you so much for mine and Twiglets little packages which arrived today. There's something winging it's way to you right now.
    Hey what's this about springlike weather, we've had fog, heavy rain and hail up in Yorkshire - harumph!!
    I love your new treasures, the crepe paper is ace and the pinnies are gorgeous. I know what you mean about rehoming stuff with nice people if I make something I'm like that. Good job your my first Etsy buyer then isn't it :) I like the bag, I like primitive stuff and have a thing about gingham and hares - that makes me sound a bit barmy doesn't it?
    Twiggy x

  3. Your aprons look so good blowing in the breeze. I love to dry my washing outside it smell so fresh. The only part I dislike is the ironing.Stood ironing yesterday fro 4 hours!

  4. Hello, I have just found your blog and must say that I love the picture of the pinnies on the line. My Gran always used to wear one of those plastic things to protect her perm, I grew up thinking of them as normal. You sometimes see the ld dears around here wearing them ( I am sure the chesmist still sells them). I love primitive things and have bit and pieces all over the house, I love some of the primitive fabrics. I almost forgot, I have an emergency present basket. It is mainly stuffed with presents for children when I forget about a birthday party but I put things in there as and when I find them.

    Sarah x

  5. ohh I've got a rain hood in a gold case that was my Grandmas! (I don't wear it though ;) I was always dazzled by the case when I was little!)
    Love your blog. Those aprons are fabulous.

  6. Hello how are you, those pinnys look so pretty, I like the prints and the wonderful colour combinations. Your pin cushion is so lovely. it looks like you have been really busy. I will look up Lynnes shop, thankyou for sharing.
    Hugs Lynn xx


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